Looks like ‘Big Brother 22’ will be a shorter season than usual

Nothing is business as usual in 2020, so would you really be surprised to learn that “Big Brother 22: All-Stars” won’t run as long as you might expect?

CBS has not announced the finale date, but the houseguests have talked about it a few times on the live feeds, all mentioning how this will be a shorter installment. Earlier this week on the feeds (circa 1:45 a.m. PT on Aug. 11 if you want to watch), Dani Briones, Ian Terry and Cody Calafiore revealed that they were told it’s scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 28, which would make this an 85-day season, two weeks shorter than the typical 99 days. Three of the past four seasons have been 99 days long (Season 19 was 92 days).

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Not only that, but their chat also revealed that they were told the finale would be Oct. 21 before it was changed to the 28th, by which Dani was annoyed. Dani also shared that the season was originally planned to be 99 days, but the delayed premiere due to COVID-19 nipped that in the bud.

This will be the shortest season since Season 14 in 2012, which was 75 days, just like the 12th and 13th outings. But 85 days is actually more in line with the early seasons of “Big Brother,” which were all in the 80-to-90 day range. The first all-stars, in 2006, was the first season to not last 80-something days, running for 72.

It might be a bummer to not get more “Big Brother,” but we should be glad we got any “Big Brother” at all this year. Plus, 85 days is plenty, and now they’ll all be out in time to vote.

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