‘Big Brother 22’: Did Memphis Garrett play a ‘wise’ enough game to actually win?

When Memphis Garrett entered the “Big Brother 22” house he did so with the reputation of being in one of the show’s strongest alliances of all time that propelled him to a final two finish in season 10. In this house of All-Stars he employed that same strategy, but on a bigger level with his formation of “The Committee.” That alliance dominated the entire game, but many of their biggest moves came at the hands of other players. So, did he do enough to impress the jury along the way or has he overestimated his strategic prowess?

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You see, it’s hard to say how powerful Memphis has been in a game where he’s tied for the most Head of Household wins (three alongside Cody Calafiore), but in his reigns went for the house consensus targets (Nicole Anthony in week 2, Da’Vonne Rogers in 7 and David Alexander in the second round of the historic triple eviction night). The oddest thing about his objectives this season was his obsession with targeting David, a player so unattached to anyone else that week after week he found himself frustrated by the lack of opportunity to really play the game. At the week 2 nomination ceremony Memphis put David on the block, essentially telling him that he needs to earn his seat the table since he was a first week eviction in his original season. For whatever reason, David’s presence in the game bothered Memphis and when he finally got the house to evict him on day 58 he thanked his housemates as soon as David walked out the door.

While Memphis made the little moves, the rest of the players in the final five with him can lay claim to much bigger moves. That inherently puts Memphis at a disadvantage if he makes it to finale night. He might impress a few jurors with his dual “Wise Guys” alliances, but that whole plan actually set him on a collision course with Cody after Enzo Palumbo leaked the existence of the two alliances to him. Memphis’s big plan was for him and Enzo to trio up twice — once with Cody and once with Christmas Abbott — and call the alliances the same name. But Enzo used that play to his own advantage by securing Cody’s trust in him and outing Memphis as someone working closely with Christmas.

At the end of the day, Memphis can only win if he’s able to communicate to the jury that he played quietly, but hard. Whether or not they buy that version of events is up in the air, but odds are he’s facing another second place finish… or worse.

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