OTEV is back on ‘Big Brother 22,’ so will its pesky curse continue?

OTEV is making its grand return to “Big Brother” this week, and we just have to say two things: 1) If its identity isn’t mask-themed, then what is the point? 2) Good luck to whoever wins because no OTEV champ has gone on to win the $500,000.

Since its introduction in Season 7, the iconic Veto comp has been played in every installment except Season 10, but every OTEV champ has fallen short of winning the game in his or her season. Here are all the OTEV winners:

Season 7: Janelle Pierzina
Season 8: Eric Stein
Season 9: Ryan Quicksall
Season 11: Jeff Schroeder
Season 12: Enzo Palumbo
Season 13: Adam Poch
Season 14: Dan Gheesling
Season 15: Elissa Slater
Season 16: Zach Rance
Season 17: Liz Nolan
Season 18: Michelle Meyer
Season 19: Mark Jansen
Season 20: Tyler Crispen
Season 21: Tommy Bracco

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Dan, the Season 10 champ, is the only person to have won OTEV and the show, but those were in different seasons. He, Ryan, Liz and Tyler are the OTEV winners who’ve come closest to taking home the whole shebang, finishing second in their respective seasons.

Enzo and Tyler are, of course, still on this season, so they could have the chance to be the first two-time OTEV champ, but they probably don’t want to suffer the OTEV curse again. Tyler was widely expected to break the curse in Season 20, and his OTEV victory was one of the craziest comp wins ever that only happened after Angela “Rockstar” Lantry inexplicably told him the right answer when he had the wrong one. We truly miss FOUTTE.

Meanwhile, Nicole Franzel could be the first person to compete in OTEV three times, as she played in Seasons 16 and 18 but did not win. So if she plays and wins OTEV this time but doesn’t win the show again, she’d be the next Dan.

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