‘Big Brother 22’ power rankings: Cody Calafiore is favorite to win, but Enzo Palumbo can upset

This week the winner of “Big Brother 22” will be crowned from a group of three All-Stars that each reached the final three before. Nicole Franzel, winner of season 18, is playing for her third time overall while Cody Calafiore, runner-up of season 16, and Enzo Palumbo, third place in season 12, are both playing for their second. Earlier this season we clocked them as the likeliest set of finalists, but now the game’s earliest and most loyal alliances must crack as only one of them can win the final Head of Household to choose who sits next to them in the finale.

According to our combined predictions, Cody is the favorite to win with 53/20 odds. Enzo is who we think has the second best chance of winning with 22/1 odds and Nicole is the least likely winner with 89/1 odds. Will those odds hold as the multiple stages of the final HOH comp unfold, and will one of the two underdogs come out on top?

Below we dive into the different ways each finalist can win in our final “BB22” power rankings of the season.

1. Cody Calafiore

It’s easy to see why Cody is in the most powerful position heading into the final HOH: he has season-long connections with both Nicole and Enzo, making it likely that no matter who wins the power Cody will be their choice to sit in the finals with them. That is, of course, if Cody doesn’t win the comp himself–he is the winningest player of the season, after all, with seven, including three HOH reigns. That comp record is also why the members of the jury are already calling him the one to beat. We heard Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen and even Kevin Campbell all say that Cody is playing the best game, despite the ways he betrayed each of them. But even with blood on his hands, Cody appears to have the most support of his social game as well. Jurors are referring to his game as well-rounded, and that the only way Nicole or Enzo could beat him is by being the one to evict him.

2. Enzo Palumbo

So if the jurors want to see one of the other two evict Cody, Enzo is the most likely to do that. Of course, to do it he’d have to win the final HOH comp which would already boost him higher in the rankings of comp wins. And that’s something the jury would like to see from him since they’re thinking he’s coasted by for much of the season. After winning three different comps in the first four weeks, Enzo began holding back to let other players get the wins and inevitably bloody their own hands instead of his. While that can be a successful deliberate strategy, it’s not one this highly competitive cast is going to see as worthy of a win. That being said, Enzo is great at reading the room and knowing how other players are thinking and so he could be already thinking that the one thing his resume needs is taking out a big player–and that would be his #1 ally Cody.

3. Nicole Franzel

Enzo has a strong reason to do his best in the final comp because he knows that Nicole is dedicated to her alliance with Cody and will take him to the finals over Enzo. If Nicole was thinking it’d be to her advantage to sit against anyone other than Cody she would have taken him out during her final 5 HOH reign like Christmas Abbott urged her to. That she didn’t shows how fiercely loyal she is to Cody, but it also seals her fate as, at best, a runner-up. While winning the final comp would be something Nicole could argue makes her a deserving winner, the jurors are more interested in seeing her make hard, but big decisions. Even more, there is already an argument boiling over in the jury house between Dani and David Alexander over how impressive it is that Nicole managed to make it to the end as a former winner. In that regard, Nicole needs to do everything in her power be sitting next to the weakest finalist so that her own spot there is viewed much less contentiously.

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