‘Big Brother 22’ power rankings: Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo top our list of probable winners

The final 6 All-Stars of “Big Brother 22” survived a pre-show quarantine, the legendary competitor Janelle Pierzina, and the first ever triple eviction episode, but which of them will survive the other five and be named winner? Below we revise our power rankings for the season by assessing the chances that each of the top 6 have to be named this year’s winner.

Last week the dominant alliance Committee sent their first alliance member to the jury house, when Tyler Crispen used his opportunity as the second Head of Household during the live episode to get rid of Dani Briones before she could get rid of him. That power move meant that five of the Committee’s six original members advanced to the top 6 along with their side-ally Enzo Palumbo. Following Dani’s eviction, Cody Calafiore managed to win his third HOH of the season and nominated Tyler and Christmas Abbott in Monday’s episode. Memphis Garrett and Nicole Franzel both continued their streak of non-stop safety by staying off the block… for now.

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How might the rest of this week play out and which houseguest do we think is on the path to victory? Take a look at our thoughts below and then sound off in the comments with your own predictions.

1. Cody Calafiore – 19/2 odds

With the most challenge wins this season, Cody would be “on paper” the strongest player to enter the finale. Once he makes the argument to the jury that he protected a final two deal with both Enzo and Nicole so deep into the game, while also remaining loyal to The Committee, it will be hard for anyone to make a case against him. At this point, the only thing standing in between Cody and the money is the streak of challenge wins he’ll need to get there. At this point he’ll need to win the POV  in the final 5 and then either HOH or POV in the final 4 — and if he can manage that then he’s in the three-part competition for the final HOH in order to make the final. “Can he do it?” isn’t the right question to ask though; instead we should be asking “Who can stop him?”

2. Enzo Palumbo – 11/1 odds

Arguably no one has played a better social game this season than Enzo. He is, after all, the only likable player left in the game due in large part to most of the blood being on everyone else’s hands. And that isn’t by accident, but by design — all along Enzo has rested on his reputation of not being a challenge threat in order to sit back and let the large alliance of the house (that he isn’t technically a part of!) do all the work. Without knowing it, he’s managed to score tight side-alliances with Committee members that have encouraged them to keep him safe alongside their own numbers. Now he’s there in the final stretch with them and with much less enemies. I’d like to say he’s the biggest threat in the game, but do any of his competitors even see him as one? Hard to tell.

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3. Nicole Franzel – 30/1 odds

Nicole is only a threat as long as the other players feel letting a former winner make it to the finals again puts them at risk of losing and, well, I’m not sure anyone left in the house thinks Nicole can win. But that’s exactly why Nicole is a threat. She is the unassuming season-long whiner that doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of boys’ boys like Cody, Enzo and Memphis, but remove their egos from the equation and you’re left with a jury that could vote with their heart and in favor of precedent. Hard to think that Nicole could become the Sandra Diaz-Twine of “Big Brother,” but her willingness to risk a real life friendship with Da’Vonne Rogers shows that she is willing to put everything on the line in order to win.

4. Christmas Abbott – 92/1 odds

Having the hottest head in the house isn’t going to win Christmas very many votes from jurors like Dani and Da’Vonne, but as viewers we know that she’s actually played a very well-balanced strategic game. With a good balance of social play and challenge wins, Christmas has one of the best arguments to make to win the season, but getting to the final will be an uphill battle. If she stays this week it looks like it’ll be her and Memphis vs. everyone else, which will require a challenge win — specifically a win at the next HOH — in order to stay off the block.

5. Memphis Garrett – 15/1 odds

Despite winning two HOHs this season, Memphis has not played a very impressive game… and the other houseguests know it. When he’s been in power he’s been a egomaniac, thinking he’s pulling fast ones on everyone else, but really making such plainly obvious moves that the other players openly discuss among each other. His creation of the two sub-alliances (both named Wise Guys) might be his downfall now that Enzo has let Cody in on the secret. The issue isn’t really that Memphis won’t make the final because he very well could; the issue is whether or not he’ll have the respect of enough jurors to get a majority of the vote.

6. Tyler Crispen – 18/1 odds

With his game on the line this week, things aren’t looking up for the player that broke the bonds of the alliance first. That power move last week made an already large target on Tyler’s back even larger, and gave Cody the ammunition he needed to take a strike at him this week. All season Tyler’s name has come up as the most dangerous to go against in challenges and so guys like Cody, Enzo and Memphis have been itching at the chance to finally get rid of him — there’s no way they’ll let him off the hook in any of the coming weeks if he manages to pull himself off the block with the POV this week. His one chance at becoming champion involves winning every challenge from here on out.

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