‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Cody changing his target is the only remotely exciting thing this week

Everything slows down as we get to the business end of a “Big Brother” season, but this season has been so predictable that these last three weeks are going to feel interminable. Not much happened on Monday besides Cody Calafiore doing what everyone knew he would do: not use the Veto. The only thing that’s changed this week is that his target has shifted from Christmas Abbott to Tyler Crispen, and the latter is very much a goner at this point.

The change of heart came Saturday after the Veto, during which Tyler timed out. Nicole Franzel pushed hard to boot Tyler instead, claiming that he’s “hands down the biggest liar I’ve ever played with in this game.” Pot. Kettle. Cody eventually was like, “OK, so why don’t we evict him?” If you whine enough, you’ll get what you want. Cody ran it by Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo, who were onboard, and then they did what they do once they settle on a target: vilify them. They claimed Tyler’s shady but they know where Christmas stands — to be fair, they all said Christmas is insane and is driving them nuts — and think Tyler will target them. They also said Tyler is a comp beast and Christmas is not even though she think she is, which is very much true.

Tyler knows he’s done. He asked Memphis about his vote on Monday, and Memphis said he was leaning toward evicting Tyler because he’s a comp threat and promised to tell him for sure when he’s “decided.” And you know he will even though he basically did. Memphis is a lot of things, but he’s always been honest with the evictees about his vote.

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We already know we cannot say the same about Nicole. She told Tyler that she doesn’t know and wants to check with Cody and Enzo. Or why don’t you just play for yourself? She, of course, knows she’s evicting Tyler, but tried to string him along by saying she thinks Enzo would keep Tyler, in which case she would too. Tyler let her know that Memphis is likely evicting him and he would understand if she did too. “I don’t want to keep either one of you,” Nicole blurted out. Way to play it cool, Nicole. She then giddily recapped the convo to Cody. Who’s the biggest liar again?

Tyler didn’t make much ground with Enzo either, but told him that Nicole said she would keep him if Enzo and Cody wanted to, so he asked Enzo to talk to Cody. Enzo had a chat with himself at one point and decided that if he’s the next HOH, he needs to target Nicole. Oh, now you want her out?

Cody, meanwhile, is already thinking ahead to final five and concocting Christmas’ demise then. Tyler will keep campaigning — though he did say he wants to enjoy this week if he’s going — but his efforts will be futile unless Master Cody changes his mind again, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to.

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