‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Like you, Cody can’t believe how good he’s had it

Monday was another slow one in the “Big Brother 22,” especially since the Veto ceremony, the final one, won’t be held until Thursday’s eviction because it’s just one vote to evict. But nothing’s changed: Christmas Abbott is still going, and it’s still Cody Calafiore‘s to lose.

Both Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel still want to take Cody to the final two, which is wild. Cody can’t quite believe it either and spent some time cam-talking, going over the final three scenarios and his game altogether. He’s gotten himself into a position where he doesn’t have to win the final HOH, but he hopes neither of them will actually cut him. He trusts Enzo more to take him to the final two because he thinks Nicole can be “sneaky like that” and is “slick,” especially with the way she talks about the final HOH in Season 18. But he’s not sure if Enzo could beat Nicole in the second HOH (provided that Cody wins the endurance Part 1 like everyone expects).

“If I get cut in the final three, oh, that’s going to hurt. There is no way one of them clip me,” he concluded. “Even if they do think they are going to have a hard time beating me, there is no shot.”

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It’s true. He’s got them under his spell. Cody then marveled at how none of his deals came back to haunt him. “Ten people I had an alliance with: Four final twos, two final fours, two final threes, a six and a six. Three final fours. Yikes. How did none of that blow up in my face?” Look, for all the pre-gaming rumors out there, the fact is, no one knew what was going to happen inside the house or how people would react or tell who what or who would win what (it turned out, no one for HOH outside of the Committee and Enzo). Is it exciting to see everything break Cody’s way? No, but him managing to come out of this unscathed is a feather in his cap.

Cody never outright cam-talked who he would take to the final two, but it’s always understood to be Nicole based on their conversations and his declarative statements to her. He usually just nods along with Enzo when Enzo speaks about the final two, like he did later that night when he said he’d cut Nicole and thinks she doesn’t like how close Cody and Enzo are. Bro…

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