‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Dani has a bonkers plan to disrupt (heh) the Veto ceremony that will probably backfire

It took six weeks, but things finally got interesting on “Big Brother 22.” And it’s all thanks to… David Alexander. Who would’ve thought? 2020 is full of surprises. After David used his Disruptor power to take himself off the block, Dani Briones actually put up Tyler Crispen in his place next to Kevin Campbell instead of a pawn. Probably because she was so shook. Then Da’Vonne Rogers went and won her first comp ever, the Veto, so 1) hopefully Enzo Palumbo can STFU about how she needs to go because she doesn’t win comps, and 2) she uses it to cause maximum chaos. Here’s to Team Dayvid for coming through.

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To use or not to use the Veto has been the main storyline the past day and a half. Dani obviously doesn’t want the Veto used because she doesn’t want to name a fourth nominee with her options dwindling. She does want Tyler out, but knows that will be hard to pull off since the bros, Enzo, Cody Calafiore and Memphis Garrett, are not down for the cause. Memphis has flat-out told Cody that he doesn’t care if Dani wants Tyler out and he’ll never vote Tyler out. The Committee is doing their hardest to reassure Kevin that he has to votes to stay primarily so Day won’t use it, and then most of them can vote to keep Tyler.

But don’t you worry. David — yes, David! — is onto them. “The vibe I am getting from people is that they are trying to persuade to me that Kevin is the one that they want to keep. I don’t know if that is actually true. My fear is that they are trying to spill that so we lose a number,” David told Day. “I feel like they are trying to lay out this scenario where they want Kevin [to stay] to avoid you using your Veto so that they can get Kevin out, which loses an asset to us.”

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His mind. Maybe David got rebooted in the “BB” Basement and exorcised all his demons from last year, and now he can actually make sense. Day is aware of what the other side is doing too, but she’s been playing it close to the vest, telling everyone that she won’t say what she’s going to do. “When the ceremony happens, whichever way this move goes, I want it to hit. Whether it’s me using it on [Kevin] or me using it on Tyler. You never know, might get a favor out of that,” Day told David.

Day has said that she doesn’t care that she’ll put a target on her back if she uses it, so she probably will go through with it. And if she does, she’ll likely save Kevin because, well, why would you save Tyler? That does nothing for her game. And the thing is, Day will be a target regardless of whether she uses the Veto because she’s not in the majority alliance. She has a power now to disrupt (no pun intended) their status quo even more and force them to draw lines because there are always members of an alliance that are more valued or feared than others.

If Day uses the Veto, there was early discussion about Christmas Abbott going up, which would be tremendous content because she could use her Blocker power and Dani would have to name a fifth nominee (Day told Dani that she knows Christmas has a power, and Dani then spread the news, but of course they don’t know what it does). But by the wee hours of Monday morning (the feeds were down the majority of Sunday evening, so who knows what was discussed), Dani had landed on Ian Terry as her renom whom they will send to jury, about which Nicole Franzel is not happy. She had told Dani earlier that she doesn’t want to vote out Ian, but if she votes to keep him, then Dani would have to break a tie, and Nicole’s position in the game would be compromised.

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So Dani, after rounding up Nicole, Cody, Memphis and Christmas, came up with a last-ditch plan to hijack the Veto ceremony on Monday. Her grand scheme is to stop the meeting, dismiss the nominees from the room, and then convince Day that they have the votes to evict Tyler (even if that’s not the truth) to dissuade her from using the Veto. If Day uses it, Dani will renom Ian, and they will evict him. Memphis and Nicole, especially, don’t think it’s a good idea or worth it, while Cody tried to tell Nicole that she should cut Ian loose. Nicole vented to Christmas, which probably not a great idea since, you know, her final two is already on the block.

But this whole idea is crazy anyway. There’s not even a guarantee that they will be allowed to send the nominees out of the room (Dani said she will check in the DR). And even if they can, if they are that insistent that they have the votes to boot Tyler, that’ll just put Day’s intuition on high alert and probably make her want to use the Veto even more. The lady doth protest too much after all. Here’s hoping she uses it because we need the drama and chaos. The Committee has been sitting pretty for too long.

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