‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: David unintentionally causing chaos is the only good thing about this season

At this rate, even Thursday’s triple eviction on “Big Brother 22” will be boring. Cody Calafiore won OTEV on Saturday, so Kevin Campbell and David Alexander remain the nominees, and Cody will push for the former to go. But we have the latter to thank for some sort of entertainment this week.

Who would’ve thought that the person who gave us Davidgate and stonewalled Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha to the high heavens will be the only thing left to root for this season, but here we are. Instead of gunning for the Veto, David went for the $10,000 prize in the first round, won it and has completely pissed off the Committee in the process. It’s truly amazing how pressed these people are. Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott and Dani Briones would not stop griping about it and what a terrible player David is, which is rich (no pun intended) since we now know that Dani won $5,000 in the HOH comp. Oh, so you are allowed to go for money but people you’re not working with aren’t? But that’s probably why she’s acting so mad. The lady doth protest too much. Dani said she wants to evict David because of it, to which Christmas said she wants to check with Cody. Dani, to her credit, retorted,  “We vote!” Christmas: “Cody’s HOH.” New school sucks.

Is David a terrible player? Yes. Does he remain a baffling mess? Yes. Should he have gone for Veto? Yes. But who the hell cares?! How does it affect you when you’re not even working with him and he’s already on the block? If he wants to risk remaining on the block, that’s on him. Let the man live. He also probably knew he had no chance of winning that comp — you know he had never heard of OTEV until that day and was not studying days and events for it — and probably knows he has no chance of winning the game since it’s literally seven people against him and Kevin now, so why not go for the money? Plus, as he later explained to Cody, he’s donating it to Black Lives Matter causes. Cody advised him to tell that to everyone to cool them down, but to let it happen naturally.

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David probably should’ve held a house meeting to announce it, if only to avoid Christmas condescendingly lecturing him on why that was a bad move and the integrity of competing and some such while retelling the grand tale of Frankie Grande winning Battle of the Block by himself in Season 16. It’s absolutely hysterical Christmas is on such a high horse since she came from a season in which everyone was throwing comps — including a running comp to her, a woman with a broken foot — all in the name of Friendship. It’s yet the umpteenth instance of the power group on a power trip mansplaining to an outcast about what they did was wrong.

The thing is, even if David had won Veto, they would still be annoyed that he was “fighting” to stay instead of obediently taking it lying down. Nothing is ever good for these people because they’re in charge, they create the rules, and if they don’t get what they want, they get indignant about it; it’s your fault, not theirs. Cody and Kevin’s argument in Sunday’s episode, which was also heavily edited, is another example of that. They can’t take someone even slightly pushing back at them.

The highlight (lowlight?) of Christmas’ spiel to David, though, was when she invoked CrossFit.

Really, David FTW now. It’s what this season deserves, and if he continues to irritate the Committee, that’s better TV than the last seven weeks. But even though he made such a huge faux pas (<eye roll>), David will likely live to see another week. Cody doesn’t want to cut him yet, and what Cody wants, Cody gets. Tyler also wants to keep him, and Christmas has calmed down and agreed. Memphis always wants David out, of course, but is also fine with booting Kevin. Nicole Franzel and Enzo Palumbo are down for whatever. Dani told Kevin she wants him to stay and suggested he smooth things over with Cody, which he did. It was a groveling session, but not as sycophantic as some of Kevin’s past ones. He’s trying to stay, unlike David in OTEV, and played up that aspect. Cody’s ego was stroked, so now they’re cool, but nothing’s changed with his plans.

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