‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: It’s 3 vs. 3 now, but everything is still a snooze

So that happened. “Big Brother 22’s” triple eviction unfolded the most predictable, boring way possible — someone nailed the darkest timeline hours beforehand and we want lottery numbers from her now — and production accidentally spoiling it for them by not changing the screen behind Julie Chen Moonves is an apt metaphor for the season. It got even more yawn-worthy with an HOH win for Cody Calafiore Thursday night.

Everything’s turning up Cody, so no doubt he’ll get his way again this week and get Christmas Abbott out. He plans to nominate her and Tyler Crispen, and after Christmas goes, he wants Tyler out next. The house is casually three versus three now: Cody, Nicole Franzel and Enzo Palumbo against Christmas, Tyler and Memphis Garrett. Though it’s less actual trios and more people who have final twos with others. Plus, Cody and Enzo would work with Memphis — they just want to clip Christmas from him.

Enzo has taken Dani Briones‘ spot, groveling at Cody’s feet. He’s all talk about making big moves and shaking up the house, but he goes and evict David Alexander and then freely admitted to Tyler that he didn’t want to “ruffle any feathers,” so he took the “easy route.” Yes, definitely something you should do at final eight.

SEE ‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Cody wins HOH

Tyler told Enzo that he voted to evict Nicole because he thought that was the plan, which Enzo later relayed to Cody (see, like a puppy). Cody called Tyler a liar and is grateful Enzo booted David. He then said it’s good to break up Dani and Nicole because they’re friends IRL. You know, you could’ve also broken them up by evicting Nicole over David. Hell, you could’ve gotten them both out. But Cody has a final two with Nicole, so he would never get into the weeds about this. Wait ’til Dani finds out.

So it’ll come down to the Veto. Christmas will be more competitive than the Committee’s previous targets (and you know, there’s no $10,000 to grab). Enzo and Cody discussed Memphis possibly using the Veto on Christmas, but they ultimately don’t think he would. The only way there will even be the slightest morsel of intrigue this week is if Christmas wins it, but even then the target will just shift to Tyler. Because that will be what Cody wants.

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