‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: This dissension about the nomination plan might be the most exciting thing of the week

After two messy but ultimately predictable weeks on “Big Brother 22,” Week 7 will just be completely predictable! Memphis Garrett won HOH on Thursday again, so, yeah, this season is hopeless. The Committee is just gonna ride this out. Sigh.

In classic grumpy old man fashion, Memphis once again did not hold one-on-ones Thursday night because he was tired and wanted to sleep. But it’s not hard to figure out who his nominees will probably be: David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. Memphis and David have had their thing since Memphis nominated him during his first HOH. Plus, it probably doesn’t help that David has said multiple times he’ll come for Memphis. And the Committee has discussed getting out Kevin for weeks for his loose-lips gameplay. So the two block stars of the season will be up there for the second week in a row, and there’s no Disruptor power this time to add some excitement.

Cody Calafiore, however, does not want Memphis to target David because he believes that would be a “waste.” Look, he’s not wrong, but the only thing that wouldn’t make it a waste is if Memphis went after his own alliance, which he won’t do. Dani Briones tried to counter that if the nominees are David and Kevin, they will evict Kevin. But Cody wants the nominees to be Kevin and Da’Vonne Rogers because he wants Day out since she is closer to Kevin, and this way she won’t be able to save Kevin with the Veto again. (Yes, the house is literally the white people vs. the Black people now.)

SEE ‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Memphis wins Week 7 HOH

Cody even advised David to campaign to Memphis to not be nominated, but David’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and said he’d rather be nominated up-front so he has a chance in the Veto. Later, Cody tried to get Enzo Palumbo onboard with pushing for Day and Kevin on the block because after one of them goes, they can pull in David. Enzo is cool with Day leaving, but they know Dani would want her to stay.

The problem for Cody is that Memphis is not worried about Day at all and told Christmas Abbott as such. And unlike a lot of people in the house (and most players in general), Memphis just does what Memphis wants, regardless of who’s in his ear. You saw how well haranguing Memphis to nominate Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha in Week 2 worked out for Cody.

So this will likely be another predictable, easy week for the Committee, especially with nomination options low and the Committee refusing to turn on each other yet. If the nominees are David and Kevin, and one comes off, Day will be the renom. If Day wins the Veto and saves one of them, Enzo will be the renom, and the remaining original nominee will still go. Thrilling stuff. The House can’t win, and neither can we.

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