‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: September 20 episode will include Week 7 Head of Household and their eviction nominations

This Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother” will begin by showing us the results of the Week 7 Head of Household competition that began at the tail end of the live show on September 17. We will also see the aftermath of the vote to evict Ian Terry and the effect that had on the alliances inside the house. And we’ll get a look at the announcement by the Week 7 HOH of the eviction nominations who will face off in a live vote on September 17.

Keep reading for a taste of all the fun in store for viewers of  episode 20 on September 20. We’ve been glued to the live feeds and have all the “Big Brother” 22 spoilers on what else is to come on this new edition of #BB22.

Memphis Garrett who made it to second place on season 10, pulled off a win in Thursday’s skills competition that determined the new HOH. He was the fastest to piece together a puzzle that revealed a picture of a fire hydrant. Memphis could have used a hose to cool down Cody Calafiore, who was red-hot about who the target for eviction should be.

When he was Head of Household back in Week 2, Memphis oversaw the eviction of Nicole Anthony, who was the near unanimous choice of the rest of the houseguests. The other nominee that week was David Alexander. Since he was spared, he has not spared his dislike of Memphis and the feeling is mutual. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Memphis told his pal Cody that David was to be the target, with Kevin Campbell as the pawn.

Cody spent hours trying to convince Memphis that it was a mistake to get rid of David at this point in the game. We didn’t know if Memphis was buying what Cody was selling until the nominations ceremony. He opted to spare David, for the time being, and nominated Da’Vonne Rogers alongside Kevin. However, if one of the nominees wins the Power of Veto on Saturday, you can be sure that it will be David who is tapped to take their place on Monday.

Vote in our poll as to who you’d like to see evicted on Thursday. Or do you like both Da’Vonne and Kevin so much that you want to see a substitution in the nominations via the POV? Be sure to sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on #BB22 so far.

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