‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: September 24 episode will include Week 7 eviction vote between Da’Vonne and Kevin and we know who’ll lose

Thursday’s live episode 22 of “Big Brother” will see the departure of the fifth woman in the first seven weeks of the competition after the eviction of Keesha Smith (week 1); Nicole Anthony (week 2); Janelle Pierzina (week 3); and Bayleigh Dayton (week 5). It’s been a wild few days for Head of Household Memphis Garrett. Keep reading if you want all the “Big Brother 22” spoilers, including who will be leaving the house in the week 7 eviction on episode 22.

It is hard to believe that it was only last Thursday that Memphis won the title of Week 7 HOH. He was the runner-up in season 10. A dozen years later, he is hoping to finally win. He had already been the Head of Household once this season. That was in Week 2 when he engineered the eviction of Nicole Anthony. His other nominee that week was David Alexander.

Fast forward five weeks and there is still no love lost between the two. Indeed, Memphis was all set to make David the target until Cody Calafiore convinced him otherwise. He made the case that they could still make use of David later in the game.

So on Friday Memphis opted to make Da’Vonne Rogers the target with Kevin Campbell as the pawn. Overnight, he reconsidered his plan and decided he did want to backdoor David. But to do that one of the eviction nominations had to claim the Power of Veto. They picked Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel to play for the POV. The field was filled out by Memphis and Tyler Crispen.

The six of them made their way around a maze that was set up in the backyard. Tyler was the fastest but was slow to make up his mind as to whether he would use the POV at Monday’s ceremony. First he had to hear Memphis out when he proposed a plan to backdoor David. Then he had to listen to lobbying by Da’Vonne and Kevin which cast David as a threat to Tyler. In the end, Tyler opted to leave the line-up as is.

Memphis made the best of a bad situation and decided that Da’Vonne should be the one to be evicted this week. He and Cody got all the other houseguests. So, it looks like it will be a unanimous decision to send Da’Vonne to the jury pool.  Do you wish she was staying? Vote in our poll as to who you’d like to see leave the house next – Da’Vonne or Kevin.  And be sure to sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on #BB22 so far.

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