‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: Jaysar know they’re screwed because Tyler plans to do exactly what you expect

We were thisclose to having an interesting week on “Big Brother 22: All-Stars,” but the “BB” Gods frowned upon us, so we have the same alliance in power for the third straight week, and the two people who could’ve shaken this week up are in trouble.

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha can see the writing on the wall with Tyler Crispen as HOH. They know it. We know it. “It’s inevitable. No one wants us to play this game together, and that’s OK,” Janelle told Kaysar.

Tyler confirmed to basically everyone not named Janelle and Kaysar on Thursday night that he was nominating them, which was music to Nicole Franzel‘s ears especially. Apparently she went off on Janelle when she designated her as a Have-Not, and Janelle was not having that, so we’ll see how much of that they’ll show on Sunday. Janelle is the target between the two, if the endless mudslinging of her name the past two weeks isn’t enough evidence.

“If Janelle is going to be nasty and drama, I’m not going to stand for it,” Christmas Abbott said. “It’s just dirty gameplay and unnecessary.”

Sorry, gotta laugh for a second. We all saw Season 19, Christmas. Or do you not remember that season since all you talk about is your foot?

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Tyler wants to nominate Jaysar outright and is thinking of having Kevin Campbell as a pawn if one of them comes off the block. Kevin is still continuing to be a rat and sh—stirrer. He had a lengthy convo with Janelle, in which they both talked about trashing each other. Janelle said she only did it because he was telling everyone that Jaysar were working with Memphis and need to be taken out, but she’s over it and trusts him now because they need each other. She also told him the background of her outside issues with Nicole, which goes back to Nicole and Rachel Reilly‘s beef on “The Amazing Race 31” last year (this incident was also after Janelle had been eliminated).

Kevin did have a brief shining moment when he suggested that Memphis Garrett was in the large alliance and that Cody Calafiore played the Safety Suite last week as a cover, but Janelle dismissed it because she, for some reason, still thinks Memphis is a solo wild card. Kevin immediately went to drag Jaysar’s names to Tyler, saying they did Nicole Anthony “dirty.” Sigh. Tyler told him he’s not going home this week.

Remember how Ian Terry told Janelle he wouldn’t nominate her and Kaysar if he won HOH? Yeah, well, he’s now fully on the “Bash Jaysar” train, saying that everything Janelle touches “turns to sh–” and that she “ruined” Nicole A.’s game. He also shared that Janelle wants to target Tyler and Cody. This could be a ploy to save his own ass, but it’s not really necessary since these people blame Janelle for everything and will probably continue to do so after she’s gone. Ian also pitched and formed a new alliance with Cody, Nicole and Dani Briones called the Four Prime. This is hilarious because 1) Four is not a prime number, and Ian, of all people, should know that; and 2) This is, like, the 18th alliance Cody, Nicole and Dani are in. At this point, they have more alliances than Tyler has final two deals.

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If Tyler were smart, he’d know it’d be best for his own game to keep Jaysar as shields since everyone hates them. They will always be the target and the focus. Yes, Janelle threw his name out, but he could try to broker a deal with them. But this all requires him to realize that he’s too strong for someone to take him to the end. Dani and Nicole, in between their Janelle trash talk, discussed this Thursday night. “He is really good at this game. He can’t stay super long,” Dani said. “If he is in final two, he is winning.” Keeping Jaysar would also allow them to do the dirty work for Tyler of taking out his allies. If Tyler brought Janelle or Kaysar to the final, he would probably win, provided that everyone still irrationally hates Jaysar then.

The problem is that Tyler has deals or alliances with practically everyone else, so his options are limited. A good move would be to go after Ian, who suggested that Tyler could be the peripheral fifth member of Four Prime, but he’d have to go rogue because Nicole won’t allow that. He’s already annoyed at Memphis, but he probably thinks it’s too soon to target his own alliance member. And there’s Kevin, an easy permanent pawn, but he already told him he’s safe. If people knew how to hold onto information, Tyler wouldn’t have heard that Janelle is targeting him and Cody, so he might have been more open to not nominating Jaysar, but he now that he knows this, he can’t see the forest for the trees.

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