‘Big Brother’ season 22 finale recap: Did Nicole, Cody or Enzo win $500,000 grand prize? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

After 85 days of eye-rollingly predictable evictions, “Big Brother 22” finally came to an end on Wednesday night with either Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore or Enzo Palumbo taking home the $500,000 prize. This “All-Stars” cycle was able to happen despite the coronavirus pandemic, as the 16 houseguests were quarantined before the game began and lived inside the “Big Brother” bubble for the duration of their stay. So who did the jury pick as the winner of Season 22, and who won the special $25,000 check as America’s Favorite Houseguest?

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Below, read our minute-by-minute “Big Brother: All-Stars” recap of Season 22, Episode 37 to find out what happened Wednesday, October 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite houseguests on CBS’s long-running reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list.

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9:00 p.m. – “Previously on ‘Big Brother’!” In the 36th episode, the final three competed in Part 1 of the last Head of Household competition. The zombie-themed endurance comp required the players to outlast the others on swings, with Nicole ultimately prevailing. Nicole advanced to Part 3, where she’ll take on the winner of Part 2, either Cody or Enzo. Whoever wins Part 3 will become the final HOH of Season 22 and cast the sole vote to evict, thereby naming who they get to sit next to in front of the jury. How will it all play out? Let’s go!

9:15 p.m.Julie Chen Moonves welcomes us all to the season finale of “Big Brother All-Stars”! Cody, Enzo or Nicole will be crowned the Season 22 winner later tonight, #ButFirst, Cody and Enzo will battle it out in part two of the final HOH competition. In each round of this contest, the player must take a photo with the evicted houseguest that matches the description on a postcard. After placing the cutout of that houseguest in front of the postcard backdrop, they hit their button and take a picture. This will be difficult because pigs will be hurling around as they cross a balance beam hoping to take a clean photo. The player who completes three postcards the fastest wins. Enzo is screwed! Enzo even sounds defeated in the DR while he describes himself participating. His first photo was a disaster, the second went a little more smoothly and the third probably ruined his chances completely. He misread the clue and kept choosing two houseguests for his photo but he needs three. Defeated, Enzo wraps it up, knowing he needs a miracle at this point. Cody is much more calculated in his approach and it appears he completely smoked Enzo in this contest. Enzo finished with a time of 37:38 and Cody finished in 4:49. Enzo is absolutely humiliated and Cody manages to hold his excitement. Enzo storms off screaming, “I want to get the f*** out of this house.” He completely melts down and tells them to take each other, completely conceding. He says he is refusing to campaign and Nicole starts crying.

9:25 p.m. – Enzo continues his bitchfest and blames himself for going to the end with “20-year olds” again. Well, yes, you said that was your mistake your first go-round and you wouldn’t do it again, but you did. Meanwhile, Nicole is concerned that Cody won’t take her to the end. They’re talking about who will be easier to beat in the finale, and both are starting to realize they have a better shot against Enzo, but they continue saying they’ll take each other. After Enzo cools off, he petitions to Nicole in hopes she’ll take him to the finish line. Enzo says Cody terrifies him and Nicole genuinely thinks Cody could win 9-0. Nicole is struggling with the decision, because if she betrays Cody and still loses, she will feel like a piece of crap. So it sounds like Nicole is just deciding who she would rather lose to. Way to think like a winner!

9:40 p.m. – Now it’s time to check in with the jury. With emotions running high, they gather to find out who made it to the final three. Christmas Abbott arrives, which isn’t a huge surprise to the others. She confirms Cody, Nicole and Enzo worked together since Day 2, but she has no idea who will take who in the end. Next, players discuss who should be the winner. Ian Terry prefers players who own their games, but knows Nicole doesn’t own her lies. Da’Vonne Rogers hates Nicole’s game style as well, which Christmas defends, saying Da’Vonne shouldn’t take things personal. Tyler Crispen and Kevin Campbell appreciate Nicole’s style and David Alexander commends a previous winner for making it this far. Tyler then says Enzo is playing a better game than anyone gives him credit for. But did he learn his lesson from last time he played? They’re about to find out. They just want someone to go after Cody! Meanwhile, the jury is slightly bitter about Cody’s treatment of them. They felt like he blamed them for him having to vote them all out rather than owning his own game play. That said, they all know he played the best game. It’s still Cody’s to lose.

9:55 p.m. – It’s time for Cody and Nicole to face off in the final competition of the season. Whoever wins will have to immediately decide who they want to evict, and who they want to sit with at the end. This contest is a series of  eight short videos, which test how much each player remembers about their former houseguests. The player with the most points at the end will win. By a score of 8-7, Cody becomes the final HOH! It is now up to him to decide who he would like to evict, and who he would like to sit next to when he sits in front of the jury. Can Cody lose at this point? It seems unlikely.

10:05 p.m. – Cody will now choose to evict either Nicole or Enzo, automatically ensuring the final houseguest in the final two with him. Cody and Nicole are already both crying. Nicole stands up and tells Cody if she was in his position she would not have cut him. Enzo stands up and also pleads with Cody, saying everything he did in this game was for Cody. Nicole looks nervous and furious at the same time, which makes me wonder if Cody told her he’s cutting her at the commercial break. Finally, Cody stands at the head of the living room and evicts Nicole. She looks like she just took one big punch to the gut. She congratulates Cody and Enzo, but is clearly upset. Enzo breaks down in tears and thanks Cody for saving him. Cody looks absolutely sick to his stomach while Enzo sings his praises. Out with Julie, Nicole is in tears and calls herself an idiot for believing Cody. That said, she’s not mad at him and she’s proud of her game.

10:20 p.m. – The fates of Cody and Enzo are now in the jurors’ hands. The jury is about to meet the ninth juror, Nicole. They’re impressed Cody evicted her, he’s ruthless! Now for questions. Tyler asks Cody if he feels he played a more well-rounded game than Enzo. Cody cites his multiple alliances and competition wins. Ian asks Enzo the same question. Enzo says he used Cody as a weapon because he knew he’d be a beast. Enzo says he didn’t have to win anything because he was in a great spot all season long. The jury is laughing when Enzo speaks, which speaks to his likability. Kevin asks Cody to tell him three things he did the jury might not know about. Cody cites pushing for Ian to go home and having Tyler target Dani Briones. Da’Vonne asks Enzo to break down his strategy. His strategy was to make everybody love him and not target him. He says he was never on anyone’s radar and everyone thought they had him in their back pocket. Christmas asks Cody if his game evolved since the first time he played. Yes, it has. Memphis asks Enzo how his game evolved and Enzo says he was a comp beast in the first 23 days. Dani asks Cody how he influenced what happened inside the house, he responds targeting Dani and Da’Vonne. David asks why Enzo never took responsibility for their evictions. Enzo said he had no targets because he was aligned with everyone Nobody was targeting him. Last, Nicole, who still looks emotionally destroyed, asked Cody why he chose Enzo over her. Cody says Nicole was crucial to his game and she could have beat him. She looks like she just wants to get off the stage and cry.

10:35 p.m. – Enzo and Cody give their final pitches why they deserve to win “Big Brother All-Stars.” Enzo rambles on endlessly, drawing some laughs from the jury. Cody rehashes his strategy, social game and competitions. With that, the jurors step up to the voting box and insert the key of the person they think deserves the $500,000 grand prize! Up next Bayleigh Dayton, Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, Nicole Anthony and Keesha Smith join the the conversation.

10:45 p.m. – Julie asks Kaysar why he couldn’t get the other houseguests to band together to combat the Committee. Kaysar says he fought frantically to shake things up, but isn’t surprised people went with the status quo. He says he went after Cody because he opened up the game and set the course for the game. Next, Tyler says the Slick Six was a failed alliance because nobody trusted each other. Bayleigh said she just never trusted Tyler and Dani. Kevin says his biggest regret was not being able to work with Janelle and Kaysar. Next, Janelle says when she walked in the house she said the first two people she would have put on the block were Cody and Enzo, and production has the receipts! Memphis and Dani agree the most shocking part of the game was the triple eviction. Last, Keesha says the worst part of the game was that Cody didn’t know her name!

10:55 p.m. – It’s time to find out who won the second All-Star edition of “Big Brother.” The winner will receive $500,000, and the runner-up, $50,000. Julie reveals each vote one at a time. Ian cast his vote for Cody. Da’Vonne cast her vote for Cody. Kevin cast his vote for Cody. David cast his vote for Cody. Dani cast her vote for Cody. Cody is the winner of “Big Brother All-Stars” in a unanimous vote! The other votes weren’t read aloud just yet, but we can assume.

10:59 p.m. – Julie confirms Cody won unanimously, just the second player in history to do so. Next Julie has one more bit of business to attend to. Who is America’s Favorite Player and gets to take home $25,000? The top two vote-getters are Tyler and Da’Vonne. But with nearly one million votes, Da’Vonne is America’s Favorite houseguest! Julie also confirms “Big Brother” will be back next summer. That’s a wrap for Season 22!

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