Uh-oh! Did Blake Shelton’s 2 finalists on ‘The Voice’ split the vote?

Just as Gold Derby predicted, the winner of “The Voice” Season 19 was Carter Rubin. This 15-year-old pop singer of Team Gwen Stefani beat out two members of Team Blake Shelton, Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan, who had to settle for second and third place, respectively. After the confetti fell on “The Voice” finale, fans online started speculating about whether Jim and Ian split the vote, helping Carter to an easy victory. It’s not a bad theory. After all, these two country/rock artists both appealed to similar audiences.

Blake is by far the most successful coach in “Voice” history, winning 7 out 19 seasons. He also has the most loyal fan base, with viewers putting more of his contestants into their respective finales than any other coach. It makes sense that Blake fans would have been all over Jim or Ian if just one of them had advanced to the finale. But since both of them made it, and Blake never specifically endorsed one as his favorite, voters were split.

Of course, there is no rule saying people couldn’t have voted for both of them. There is a limit of 10 votes per artist, but viewers are allowed to vote for multiple artists. Last season, Blake’s finalists Todd Tilghman and Toneisha Harris ended up coming in first and second place, respectively. However, the difference is that these two artists appealed to vastly different audiences (Todd was country/rock singer, Toneisha was R&B/soul), which might explain why there was no Team Blake vote-split.

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Even though Blake didn’t win, he still has seven overall trophies for his work on NBC’s reality TV show thanks to Jermaine Paul (Season 2), Cassadee Pope (Season 3), Danielle Bradbery (Season 4), Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7), Sundance Head (Season 11), Chloe Kohanski (Season 13) and Todd Tilghman (Season 18).

By winning with Carter Rubin, Gwen is now tied at one victory with John Legend, who prevailed with Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16). Kelly Clarkson, meanwhile, has three championships under her belt: Brynn Cartelli (Season 14), Chevel Shepherd (Season 15) and Jake Hoot (Season 17).


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