Don’t try this at home! The Bonebreakers (‘America’s Got Talent’) perform a dance routine so dangerous it needs a disclaimer [WATCH]

The Bonebreakers shocked audiences on Tuesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” with one of the most mind boggling dance routines of the season. The foursome from West Africa looked confident as they took the stage and judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Eric Stonestreet seemed prepared to witness a fun, high-energy performance. They quickly learned that contortion moves were part of the performance and one particular trick was so extreme a disclaimer came across the bottom of the screen urging viewers not to attempt it. Watch the Bonebreakers audition above.

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“From where we came from, life is hard,” they told the judging panel prior to their performance. “We don’t have support or anything. Moving to America and especially seeing ourselves on this stage means a lot. This is like a dream come true. In our country we always watch [‘AGT’] so coming here means a lot. We want to inspire the youth. We want to share our experience with the whole world.”

After taking their positions on stage, the Bonebreakers quickly twisted their bodies around as the studio audience gasped. Eric screamed in horror as two dancers pulled another into a hyper-extended split. As the performance continued each move seemed more shocking than previous one, but the Bonebreakers somehow managed to make it feel like a fun party. For their final trick, one dancer appeared to twist another’s head 360 degrees before slamming him down backwards to the ground. The audience reacted in absolute terror before giving the group a standing ovation.

“Amazing!” exclaimed Howie. “Before you started there was an intensity and passion. Before you move we know that something great is about to happen. We’re so thrilled you’re here.” Eric was next to critique the Bonebreakers. “My jaw was on this table,” said the guest judge. “I was rooting for you guys from the beginning and you delivered in a huge way. I’m so happy that I just got to witness that.” Sofia was nervous when “body things” were happening but she loved their energy. Simon was last to speak, noting “the more painful it looked, the happier you were getting.”

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