Martin Scorsese wrote a letter to Bong Joon Ho and, like all of us, he can’t wait for his next film [WATCH]

Like everyone in the world, Martin Scorsese is eagerly anticipating Bong Joon Ho‘s next film. During a press conference Wednesday with the “Parasite” cast and crew in Seoul, Bong shared that his idol had written to him after his film’s historic Oscar wins with a plea.

“This morning I got a letter from Martin Scorsese. I read it a few hours ago. It was such an honor for me to have received a letter from him,” Bong said (watch above). “I can’t tell you what the whole letter was about because it’s something personal. But towards the end, he wrote, ‘You’ve done well. Now rest. But don’t rest for too long.’ He continued by saying how he and other directors were waiting for my next movie, so I shouldn’t rest for too long. So I was happy and thankful.”

Bong had said in the fall that he was prepping two projects, one in Korean and one in English.

The director has earned some much-deserved time off after an exhausting Oscar season for “Parasite,” during which he temporarily relocated to Los Angeles (without his puppy) and was punctuated with four Oscar victories: Best Picture — the genre-bending class satire is the first non-English language film to win it — Best Director for Bong, Best Original Screenplay for Bong and Han Jin Won, and Best International Feature Film. South Korea had never even been nominated in international feature film, fka foreign language film, until this year.

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During his speech for Best Director, Bong paid tribute to Scorsese, whom he has long worshipped and was nominated for “The Irishman,” sharing a Scorsese quote that he says he had “carved deep into my heart”: “The most personal is the most creative.” “When I was in school, I studied Martin Scorsese’s films,” Bong added. “Just to be nominated was a huge honor. I never expected to win.” The moment sparked a warm standing ovation for Scorsese, who was visibly touched by the shout-out.

Bong is also moving ahead with the “Parasite” limited series for HBO with Adam McKay and denied rumors that Tilda Swinton, whom he directed in “Snowpiercer” (2013) and “Okja” (2017), and Mark Ruffalo had been cast. “We are talking about the direction of the movie and how it should be organized,” he said, adding that the show could be five or six episodes. But he cautioned that it may be a while before it hits the small screen, noting the prolonged development of the “Snowpiercer” TV series, which is premiering on TNT on May 31 and on which Bong serves as executive producer (though, in that case, the project had been beset with behind-the-scenes shakeups).

“‘Snowpiercer’ will have its own TV series in May. I had been preparing to do that from 2015. [As] it took about five years … I think [the TV version of] ‘Parasite’ will take a long time as well,” Bong said.

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