4 gutsy Broadway wags predict the invisible Tony Awards [Watch video or hear audio podcast]

Following that grand Broadway tradition “the show must go on,” the Tony Awards are still planning to stage an awards show, but, well, they just don’t know when, where or how as a result of the elusive pandemic status ahead.

However, the Tonys have nonetheless released the list of nominees, so Michael Musto (Queerty), David Gordon (Theatermania), veteran Broadway journo Harry Haun and I take a brave stab at predicting the frontrunners to win anyway.

Let’s start with Best Musical. When I ask Michael which of the three nominees will prevail — “Moulin Rouge!” “Jagged Little Pill” or “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” – he replies with his celebrated sass, “First of all, Tom, these are shows from six years ago that three people saw. They’re not even going to say when the winners will be announced. That could be 12 years from now. That’s how important this is. It’s really urgent. In any case, yes, it is ‘Moulin Rouge.’ That’s really easy. It was not only a big hit, it was lavish. You saw where the money went. It was really well done.”

David agrees, declaring, “It was the show that I had the most fun at. And I think that at a time when Broadway doesn’t really exist, I think people are going to go for the one that best exemplifies what the Broadway spectacle is and that’s certainly ‘Moulin Rouge’ from this list.

“You could really lose yourself in ‘Moulin Rouge,'” Harry adds. “It was a wonderful experience.”

Check out all of our predictions in every category here and compare them to the current picks made by the 24 Tony fans who achieved the highest prediction accuracy score at Gold Derby last year. Watch our video slugfest above. Or you can listen to the audio podcast version below.Or listen at iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, Google Play or Stitcher where you can subscribe to our channel.

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