BTS choreographers Quick Style eliminated on ‘AGT: The Champions’ after Howie Mandel’s nasty comment [POLL]

“AGT” judge Howie Mandel earned some serious boos during Monday’s third episode of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” after he dared to give a red “X” to Quick Style, famed choreographers of such groups as BTS. Prior to their performance video (watch above), the three guys admitted their act was going to be “risky” because they “chose a piece that feels a little bit slower than a lot of the acts.” Apparently, their more emotional dance performance just didn’t do it for the reality TV show’s longest-serving judge.

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“Okay, so you guys can dance but there wasn’t one move we haven’t seen ad nauseam,” Howie stated after Quick Style’s intimate dance routine. “You made a choice that you said right before, ‘I hope you like it. We’re usually explosive. This is not explosive.’ It didn’t really compare with even the dancing I saw on the show tonight.”

New judge Alesha Dixon disagreed with Howie’s nasty comment and asked if he really thought there were better dancers on the show. When he replied with V.Unbeatable, who just so happened to be Howie’s Golden Buzzer act, Alesha fought back. “I wouldn’t even compare you guys to V.Unbeatable,” she began, “because what they’re doing is completely different to what V.Unbeatable are doing. It’s a completely different style. As a fan of dance, I was enjoying it.” Alesha felt their act was “fresh” and “slick” and “sophisticated.”

Heidi Klum seemed to fall in the Howie camp, telling Quick Style, “You guys are great dancers for sure, but you have to understand this is ‘The Champions’ and we see so many amazing people and they do flips on top of each other.”

Alas, the superfans failed to send Quick Style through to the semifinals (instead choosing Duo Destiny and Tyler Butler-Figueroa). The dance group was one of the the voters’ third, fourth and fifth choices along with Alexa Lauenberger and Michael Grimm, which meant the judges had the option of saving them. But instead they chose to save Alexa. Did they make the right decision? Vote in our poll below.

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