‘Canada’s Drag Race’ episode 8 recap: The top five perform makeovers on first-time queens in ‘Welcome to the Family’

You may think you’ve already done had yourses, but you haven’t unless you’ve turned your gaze northward for “Canada’s Drag Race.” The new series kicked off July 2nd featuring Canadian model Stacey McKenzie, Canadian television star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and RPDR season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes as season-long judges.

In last week’s seventh episode, the six remaining queens took part in the first ever RPDR pageant, “Miss Loose Jaw.” Though no one was officially crowned queen of the pageant itself, Lemon did come out on top overall for the week, making her the second multiple-week winner after Rita Baga (who has three wins). At the bottom was Priyanka and Ilona Verley who battled it out in the lip sync. Once again Priyanka proved that she’s a lip sync assassin and knocked Ilona out of the competition. Also notably, Scarlett BoBo was unable to secure her first challenge win despite high praise from the judges and Jimbo felt harshly and unfairly criticized by the judges on stage.

This season “Canada’s Drag Race” is airing on WOW Presents Plus on Thursdays at 9 pm ET in the United States and select territories, which is day-and-date with its run on Crave in Canada. The 10-episode series began airing in the U.S. on Logo on Monday, July 27th at 8 pm ET, starting with the premiere from July 2.

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Below is our recap of the August 20 episode featuring guest host Amanda Brugel:

After performing in the LSFYL for the second time this season, Priyanka was feeling relieved to have won it again to remain in the competition especially since she hadn’t expected to be in the bottom. Similarly, Lemon was on a high for earning her second win despite the lack of respect she’s seen for her work from the other girls. The question in the air for everyone though was “who is next to go?”

The next morning Jeffrey stopped by the werkroom to host the week’s mini challenge, the hand puppet show where each queen would get to throw shade at one of their competitors. In a random draw, Lemon picked Priyanka’s puppet and Priyanka picked Lemon’s. Then Jimbo picked Scarlett’s, Scarlett picked Rita’s and Rita got Jimbo’s. In the challenge Lemon took digs at Priyanka’s multiple appearances in the bottom, Scarlett revealed Rita’s crush on Lemon, and Rita disclosed how upset Jimbo was at Jeffrey’s comments about her dress in the previous challenge. Ultimately Jeffrey thought that Scarlett did the best and so declared her the mini challenge winner, giving her a first win of the season!

For the maxi challenge, Jeffrey introduced five men from the Canadian foundation Rainbow Railroad that helps LGBTQ people around the world find safety and freedom from persecution. Those five men were to be the subjects of this season’s makeover challenge: Elton from Jamaica, Rebal from Syria, Dennis from Uganda, Eka from Indonesia, and Rainer from Indonesia. As the winner of the mini challenge Scarlett got to select the pairs. She picked Rainer for Rita, Eka for Jimbo, Dennis for herself, Rebal for Lemon and Elton for Priyanka.

Before getting to the actual makeovers, each queen sat down with their new family member to get a sense of their existing drag knowledge–you know, easy stuff like walking in heels, tucking and corsets! Later during a check-in with Jeffrey, we saw the vast difference in experiences between Rita, an existing drag mother with six children already, and Priyanka, a newer queen having never mothered a daughter before. To all of the pairs, Jeffrey stressed the importance of building and showing a connection between the new family members.

After some time rehearsing their walks on the runway, Scarlett realized that she may have put herself at a disadvantage by picking the most butch guy for herself. She was not happy with his movements on stage and so became worried they might fall to the bottom. As for the other queens, all their pairs seemed much more comfortable in heels, but back in the workroom Priyanka was concerned with the outfits that everyone had selected for their girls.

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While preparing for the runway, the group discussed what it was like for the guys back in their home countries. Rainer explained that for him and Eka, his husband, in Indonesia they would have to flee and change homes whenever the police would come around looking for them. Dennis talked about friends being killed and large number of people being arrested, but he believes that there is possibility for change in a positive direction at least in his country. He also stressed the importance of supporting refugees because anyone fleeing their country has done it as a last resort and it’s been really hard for them.

First to walk the “Family Affair” runway this week was Priyanka and Elton as Elektra in tight and short body suits in bright neons and huge feather shoulders and hips. Scarlett and Dennis as Violet BoBo walked next in matching body suits with leather jackets with long fringe and bright yellow wigs. Lemon and Rebal as Lime wore 1920s inspired slip dresses and bobs, Rita and Rainer as Tari Baga were dressed as campy clowns with ball noses and capes, and Jimbo and Eka as Bimbo had their big slutty breast plates on under red latex outfits.

Amanda noticed a “comedic camaraderie” between Priyanka and Elektra that she loved and Brooke Lynn thought their outfits were perfectly on brand. While Stacey liked the way that Lemon and Lime looked, she was disappointed by their presentation on the runway which she thought could have been more energetic. The judges respected the risk they thought Scarlett took in choosing Dennis for herself and thought that she knocked it out of the park, especially in the chemistry they showed on stage. The panel was totally in love with Jimbo’s transformation of Eka into Bimbo, but Stacey would have preferred to see the more refined and elegant version of them than the overly sexual one. Brooke Lynn thought that Rita and Tari had a family resemblance, but compared to the other looks it was the “least put together” and Jeffrey didn’t think the story they were trying to tell came through.

Backstage, Rita figured that she was the most obvious bottom finisher and that she’d be in the lip sync for the first time this season, but she still stood by the story she was trying to tell. Lemon thought that the other one in the bottom might be her or Scarlett, but Scarlett was not convinced she was in jeopardy. After deliberation, the judges decided that this was a clear win for Priyanka, her second of the season and coming right after near-elimination last week. Sure enough, the bottom two were the other queens with as many (or more) wins as her, Rita and Lemon.

For this week’s lip sync Rita and Lemon performed “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. In their performances, Lemon kicked it off with literal interpretations of the song’s words and gave a pretty standard drag rendition of it. Meanwhile Rita took a more emotional approach to the song, building slowly toward her big moments of the performance where she dragged herself down the runway and pleaded in anger from her knees. Though they both put up a strong performance, the judges decided that it was Rita’s win and so it was time for Lemon to sashay away.

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