‘Canada’s Drag Race’ episode 5 recap: Which queen becomes the first Canadian winner of the ‘Snatch Game’ challenge?

You may think you’ve already done had yourses, but you haven’t unless you’ve turned your gaze northward for “Canada’s Drag Race.” The new series kicked off July 2nd featuring Canadian model Stacey McKenzie, Canadian television star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and RPDR season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes as season-long judges.

In last week’s fourth episode, the nine remaining queens split into three fashion houses to create a 3-look collection of looks using recyclable materials. Rita Baga became the first two-time challenge winner, leading her group to victory with their made-from-plastic creations. On the losing side was Team Paper, with Tynomi Banks and Ilona Verley declared the bottom two of the week. Despite Ilona’s dramatic overreaction and not wanting to go head-to-head against her friend, Tynomi’s third straight trip to the lip sync was one too many and the judges had no choice but to send her home.

This season “Canada’s Drag Race” is airing on WOW Presents Plus on Thursdays at 9 pm ET in the United States and select territories, which is day-and-date with its run on Crave in Canada. The 10-episode series began airing in the U.S. on Logo on Monday, July 27th at 8 pm ET, starting with the premiere from July 2.

Below is our recap of the July 30 episode featuring guest host Mary Walsh.

After Tynomi’s elimination it was clear that the entire cast was shook by the result. Ilona was still emotionally distressed over the “bittersweet” aspect of having to lip sync (and ultimately eliminate) one of her friends and while Rita acknowledged Tynomi as one of the best queens in all of Canada she was aware that her elimination opened up room for her to slide into the crown. Priyanka was also very aware of the space Tynomi’s elimination left for her to climb to the top, now that it was another Toronto queen eliminated.

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The next day in the werkroom Ilona mentioned how she considered just walking off stage instead of competing against Tynomi, to which the rest of the queens explained how disrespectful to the process, the judges and all of them it would have been. At one point Priyanka told Ilona not to “play the victim card,” but Ilona wasn’t having it and asked her not to tell her how to feel. With that, tensions remained high as RuPaul Charles arrived on screen to drop hints and puns about the week’s challenges.

With tensions already high, obviously it was perfect timing for Brooke Lynn to arrive and present the “Reading Is Fundamental” mini challenge where the queens get to throw shade at one another. In stereotypically Canadian fashion, a lot of the jokes made were soft and even, in Jimbo‘s case toward Rita, redacted with apologies, but both Rita and Lemon pulled out all the stops to get the digs in deep. And while Rita’s shade toward Brooke Lynn herself was the best single joke, Lemon had more good ones and was justifiably declared the winner.

Following the most iconic mini challenge, Brooke Lynn broke the news that this week the queens would also compete in the series’ most iconic maxi challenge as well: Snatch Game. After a couple of fashion-focused challenges, the prospect of Snatch Game would offer the queens an opportunity to show off their improv skills and their cleverness in comedy. Priyanka was particularly excited about it because she felt really prepared for playing a character based on her experience working in kids TV.

While the girls prepared in the werkroom, Jeffrey stopped by for a visit and we learned who each of them would be portraying in the game: Priyanka as Miss Cleo, Kiara as a Christmastime Mariah Carey, Ilona as porn star Rebecca More, Jimbo as Joan Rivers, Scarlett BoBo undecided between either Liza Minnelli or Fran Drescher, Rita as Edith Piaf, BOA overthinking her choices of Cyndi Lauper and Rebel Wilson, and Lemon as JoJo Siwa.

Snatch Game was hosted by Brooke Lynn with guest contestants Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister, interior designers and TV personalities. During introductions of the queens, we found out that BOA went with her third and riskiest celebrity impersonation as Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Based on the intro moments it was clear that Lemon, Jimbo and Rita were all prepared to give fully realized impersonations while the short answers from Priyanka, Ilona and Kiara showed they were going to struggle.

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As the game went on, Ilona found her stride and landed a couple good punchlines, especially when she interacted with Jimbo’s Joan in a hilarious bit about smelling Judy Garland on her fingers. Jimbo was solid throughout, as were Rita and Lemon, while Priyanka and Kiara continued to come up short.

Afterward, both Priyanka and Kiara were aware that they gave poor performances and were looking forward to the “Night of a Thousand Celines” category for the runway as their chance to redeem and save themselves from elimination. As the queens prepared for the runway, Jimbo opened up about his love for making people laugh and how it started at a really young age as we realized that being himself and making people laugh gave him confidence and protection from being othered by his classmates. Kiara also opened up about her desire to prove to her biological father who she isn’t close with that she can be successful as a drag queen and hopefully in doing so gain his approval.

On the runway, BOA walked in fringe inspired by Celine’s 2019 Met Gala look, Scarlett recreated Celine’s 2019 Paris Fashion Week poof dress, Kiara reinterpreted Celine’s black ruffle dress from an album release party, Rita did a “before the fame” dual/reveal look from the 80s, Jimbo stunned in a different Paris Fashion Week jumpsuit look, Lemon put on the 1998 Oscars gown, Ilona did a 2017 white and pink look, and Priyanka closed in her 1994 wedding dress, but revealed a Billboard Music Awards gold slip dress underneath it.

Based on their Snatch Game and runway presentations, the judges called Ilona and Scarlett safe, leaving the remaining six as the tops and bottoms of the week. The judges told BOA that she held back in the Snatch Game out of fear of being disrespectful to her character and BOA completely acknowledged and accepted that. Jeffrey told Kiara that she seemed so confident when preparing Mariah, but didn’t portray that in the actual game. That being said, they did like her runway look this week. Mary really liked that Rita allowed herself to be “not glamorous” in the game and on the runway and Brooke Lynn called it one of her favorite Snatch Game performances ever. Mary was a huge fan of Jimbo’s Joan impersonation and Stacey said her runway was a jaw-dropper. Jeffrey and Brooke Lynn said Lemon was so perfect and memorable in Snatch Game, but her runway was completely forgettable. Priyanka got really high praise for her runway presentation, but the dreaded and expected critiques of her really bad Snatch Game performance came as well.

After further deliberation, the judges decided that this week belonged to Jimbo, earning her first win of the season. That meant that Rita and Lemon were both safe as the other tops of the week. From the bottom half, BOA was declared safe while Kiara and Priyanka were left in the bottom to battle it out in a lip sync to Celine Dion‘s “I Drove All Night.” Right off the bat both queens kicked it into full gear for the song and never let up. Priyanka gave an intense emotional (and sometimes sexual) performance while Kiara delivered moves, drops, kicks and used the entire stage to her advantage. You could tell that the judges were shell-shocked by the performances from both queens and Stacey was even slapping hands with Brooke Lynn in excitement during the song. While this would have made for a perfect time for a “double shantay,” the judges decide that it was Kiara’s time to “sashay away.”

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