‘Canada’s Drag Race’ episode 7 recap: The queens serve up pageantry perfection in ‘Miss Loose Jaw’

You may think you’ve already done had yourses, but you haven’t unless you’ve turned your gaze northward for “Canada’s Drag Race.” The new series kicked off July 2nd featuring Canadian model Stacey McKenzie, Canadian television star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and RPDR season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes as season-long judges.

In last week’s sixth episode, the seven remaining queens divided into three groups for an acting challenge where they spoofed late night law firm commercials. In the end, Rita Baga earned her third overall win, making her a clear frontrunner as the field of queens narrowed. In the bottom two were Ilona Verley and BOA, and after a rather reserved lip sync Ilona squeaked out another win, securing her safety and eliminating BOA in the process.

This season “Canada’s Drag Race” is airing on WOW Presents Plus on Thursdays at 9 pm ET in the United States and select territories, which is day-and-date with its run on Crave in Canada. The 10-episode series began airing in the U.S. on Logo on Monday, July 27th at 8 pm ET, starting with the premiere from July 2.

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Below is our recap of the August 13 episode featuring guest host Allie X.

After BOA’s elimination tensions were a little high for Lemon who had been named by four of the other girls as the queen that should have been the next go. As Lemon noted, none of their reasons amounted to her being the worst at drag and instead were based on superficial reasons and jealousy. For Scarlett BoBo, who earned her third high placement, the disappointment of not finally earning a win was written all over her face. She was at the point of feeling defeated for giving her all and not knowing what else she could do to get a win from the judges.

The next morning Brooke Lynn was on deck to present the week’s maxi challenge, the first pageant in Drag Race herstory, “Miss Loose Jaw.” Brooke Lynn outlined the focus of the pageant is “small town girls with big personalities,” where each queen would be given a personality to embody through three rounds: swimsuit, talent and interview. In that regard it was another improv challenge where the queens would have to be funny while building upon characterization.

As the winner of the previous maxi challenge, Rita got to designate which character each queen would embody. She gave herself Miss Match’d (the hopeless romantic), Jimbo Miss Behavin’ (the sex positive horndogess), Scarlett Miss Informed (the know-it-almost), Lemon Miss Fitts (the bratty pageant princess), Ilona Miss Erable (the pouty sad sack), and Priyanka Miss Demeanor (the angry hothead).

Later, Brooke Lynn returned for a walkthrough of the werkroom to check in on all the girls progress. Priyanka said that this was her chance at redemption in improv after totally bombing the Snatch Game performance and seeing a chance for her to return to the top of the pack. Brooke Lynn questioned Rita about whether or not she’d be willing to go over the top like the challenge asks of her since she’s generally a more guarded queen.

For the pageant, the Jeffrey served as host with drag queen Michelle DuBarry, season long squirrelfriend Traci Melchor, and actor Stefan Brogren as pageant judges. The pageant began with queen introducing herself to the crowd, a chance to set the tone for the character they had created. And in the first round they each performed their talent. Ilona whined about having to paint for the judges, Priyanka gave birth, Jimbo made animal sounds, Scarlett played the bongos, Lemon did a mim routine, and Rita wrapped gifts.

In the second round the girls walked in the bathing suit category for a chance to deepen their characterizations and add some more humor to their performances. But their real chance to shine was in the third round, the interview. In this round Rita continued on her one-note performance by mentioning #blessed (again), Priyanka failed to excel at improv (again), Jimbo brought in laughs for overt sexual acts with a microphone, Ilona continued on her path of misery instead of humor, Scarlett’s quick talking was hard to understand, and Lemon attacked one of the judges for stealing a previous crown from her.

On elimination day, the queens prepared for their next runway in the category of “Pageant Perfection.” During makeup application the sissies Ilona and Scarlett took their competition frustrations out on each other by bickering over small grievances like, well, sisters would. Luckily the rest of the queens found it comedic rather than distracting, but Scarlett seemed to be taking it pretty seriously. To counter that, the girls did have a really healthy discussion about body positivity as well, during which Rita imparted the words of wisdom to always be “fearless.”

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For the runway, Allie X joined the series judges as guest host for the evening and watched as the queens walked the night’s category. Ilona wore a baby pink mermaid gown with a diamond cover up like the one Beyonce wore for her “Dangerously in Love” album cover, Lemon went the humorous route in a little girl’s pageant gown, tap shoes and oversized wig in her signature bright yellow color, Rita went super glam in an hourglass gown, Priyanka was inspired by her grandma and served what she called Bollywood realness, Jimbo created a mix between Barbie and Marie Antoinette with an oversized hot pink dress and tears of diamonds falling from her eyes, and Scarlett closed in a flesh and black toned dress reminiscent of Dita von Teese.

In critiques, the judges went in on Ilona for not being funny during the pageant and once again nitpicking the ins and outs of her runway look. On the flip side, the judges loved Lemon’s pageantry and think that she has a knack for improv and also liked the risk she took on the runway. With Rita they weren’t convinced by her hopeless romantic character and didn’t see enough diversity in her performance. That being said, they loved her runway look. Like Ilona, the judges thought Priyanka didn’t go deep enough with her character and played it one-note, but they liked her choices for the runway. Allie X told Jimbo that she was her favorite during the pageant because she was so over the top, but Brooke Lynn did not like her runway look at all because of the ill-shaped silhouette. Scarlett got high praise for both aspects of the week, a funny character during the pageant and an old Hollywood look on the runway.

Backstage, Jimbo was not pleased by her critiques at all. In fact, she questioned whether Jeffrey knew anything about glamour in order to say that she was not at all glamorous tonight. Rita offered some criticism, saying Jimbo looks older than she actually is, to which Jimbo replied with attacks on Rita’s crusty wig and off-set hairline by saying that she looks like a “grandma who just dunked her head in the toilet.” Meanwhile, it was pretty clear to everyone that Priyanka and Ilona were the likely bottom two and that Jimbo and Rita would both be declared safe.

After further discussion, the judges decided that Lemon was the week’s winner, leaving Scarlett high and safe for the fourth time. As expected, Rita and Jimbo were safe, which meant that Ilona and Priyanka were both up for elimination again. To save themselves they performed a lip sync to Allie X’s song “Hello.” In this performance Ilona relied heavily on her emoting skills and armography while Priyanka’s prepared comedic moments were a total hit with the judges, especially Allie X who was cackling at Priyanka’s moves. By the end, it was an undeniable win for Priyanka and so the judges had to say goodbye to Ilona.

NEXT TIME: The final five do a makeover takeover to bring a new queen into their drag family.

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