Casey Wilson (‘Black Monday’): ‘It’s crazy to get into that world and what is acceptable’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“It’s crazy to get into that world and what is acceptable,” exclaims Casey Wilson about the 80s set ‘Black Monday.’ The Showtime program this season addressed the portrayal of women in the media and workplace. She continues, “But we make light of it. And there’s no female nudity, but they show a ton of male nudity.” Watch our full exclusive video interview with her above.

The show was co-created by Wilson’s husband David Caspe and stars Don Cheadle. The second season explores the world of Wall Street in the wake of the Black Monday crash of 1987. Wilson explains, “the sexual harassment stuff has been turned on its head now that Dawn (Regina Hall) runs the office. She’s portrayed in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ as a businesswoman, but they show her with her vagina. The creators like to think of the show as looking at how far we haven’t come. Because you can see things reflected and heightened in the 80s.”

In “Black Monday” Wilson plays Tiffany Georgina. The actress describes her as, “a rich 80’s bitch. This season my character’s fortune has been lost. She ran a jeans company, so I’m trying to sell jeans for your glasses called dungaree eyes. It can be hard finding the humanity in someone who’s larger than life; one who’s trying to build a political empire based on a false marriage. As funny as the character is, I tried to find some humanity in this human. She’s inherently unkillable but all her dreams have crumbled. When you had so much, to have nothing is an interesting, poignant journey.”

She says one of her wildest scenes was, “where I’m in bed with a gentleman who in life is a male porn star. I have to throw him out of the bed so my husband, who’s gay, is not revealed with his lover. It was just insane. And he’s completely naked! As a comedian I don’t do a ton of sex scenes. This was just wild. I was like, ‘What’s happening? What has my husband written for me to do?’”

Wilson reflects that, “It’s a hard funny show, but it also has grounded moments with romance in it. There are broad characters like myself, but it also goes a bit deeper. The show looks at what it was like to be a closest gay man, or an African American traitor, and the sexual politics for women. And it’s kind of a mystery. Genuinely, it’s a comedy. The tone is so many different things that I don’t see other shows doing.”

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