Cassie Randolph is ‘irritated’ about ‘The Bachelor’ editing her interview to focus on her split from Colton Underwood

If you watched Monday’s “The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons — Ever!”, then you probably saw Cassie Randolph‘s interview with Chris Harrison. And you probably saw that the entire interview was about her breakup with Colton Underwood. But guess what? That’s not all they talked about. Shocking, we know.

After the East Coast broadcast of the episode, which revisited Alex Michel‘s “Bachelor” and Trista Rehn‘s “Bachelorette” seasons, Randolph took to her Instagram Stories to vent her frustration at the show for cutting down her interview to solely focus on the Underwood parts. The 25-year-old explained that she had told producers she didn’t want to discuss their split on the show.

“I’m a little irritated about a few things right now. Just watched the ‘Bachelor’ interview that aired and I feel like I’m speaking to no one. I’ve said this a million times: You guys cannot judge something that you know is edited and know nothing about,” she said. “There was so much more that I talk about in that interview than just our relationship. I went on there telling them that I didn’t want to talk about and I wouldn’t talk about it. We talked about my tattoo, we talked about reminiscing on Trista’s season which was the whole point of going on, we talked about school. Believe it or not, there’s so much more to me than just my past relationship, and I think that’s why I’m annoyed. It’s just ridiculous how people can make assumptions on things they know nothing about.”

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🚨Update🚨 as we all know Cassie did an interview on tonight’s episode The Greatest Seasons Ever. this is what she had to say, she was disappointed that they edited so much out of it and just talked about her breakup with Colton. she didn’t want to talk about him tonight but instead they refused that and still did.. i’am extremely disappointed i just don’t understand why they keep asking about it she is still processing all of it the last thing she needed was to be asked about it so many times again she has been getting so much hate she doesn’t need more of it, and Chris Harrison asking all those questions like do you not realize there are other important things happening right now??!! that they have not once addressed. they could’ve easily asked Cassie about other things other than her recent breakup with Colton this is just ridiculous!

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SEE ‘The Bachelor’s’ Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph break up

During the interview that aired, Harrison asked how Randolph was doing and what caused the breakup, which the pair announced  in late May after weeks of speculation. “I’m doing OK, don’t know if I want to talk all about the breakup at all,” Randolph reluctantly replied, going on to say that they had a “really great relationship” the year they were together but declining to reveal why they parted ways. “It’s kind of a sensitive subject because I feel we’re still kind of going through it and I’m still pretty emotional — and we really haven’t talked about it publicly yet — and I don’t know if either of us is ready, but I will say it’s been really hard. Going through any breakup is hard, but then going through one publicly comes with a whole new set of challenges. I’ve never gone through any of this before. We’re both learning how to navigate it, we’re on good terms, hanging in there.”

Harrison suggested that perhaps the former Bachelor contracting COVID-19 in March exacerbated their issues, but Randolph immediately debunked it. Underwood, 28, had quarantined in Randolph’s family home during his recovery. “Quarantine and COVID-19 had nothing to do with our breakup at all,” Randolph stated. “I think if anything, that whole experience of going through him having COVID and being with my family kind of made us closer even. It was crazy because he was one of the first people to get it, and I was like, ‘Of course, this would happen.'”

Following the interview, Randolph said in her Stories that she’s been getting “nasty messages” from fans calling her rude and disrespectful for giving “so many details” about their relationship without Underwood present. “If you watch the interview, I said absolutely nothing,” she chuckled. “Like absolutely nothing. That’s not what it was about. That’s not what it was supposed to be about. So, just a reminder to not draw conclusions on someone or something that you know nothing about.”

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