Cody Calafiore is 15th man to win ‘Big Brother’ — still only 7 women

Just as Gold Derby predicted, Cody Calafiore (aka BB Comics’ The Cali-Fury) became the winner of “Big Brother 22” on Wednesday, October 28. He faced off against Enzo Palumbo in the final two after solely eliminating Nicole Franzel when he took the last Head of Household. (Read our minute-by-minute finale recap.) By claiming the title of “All-Stars” champion, Cody became the 15th man to win “Big Brother” across 22 seasons, compared to only seven (yes, seven!) women.

The first two winners of CBS’s reality TV show were both men: the often-forgotten Eddie McGee (Season 1) and frequent returnee Dr. Will Kirby (Season 2). Following that, two women won consecutively for the first and only time in “BB” history, Lisa Donahue (Season 3) and Jun Song (Season 4), neither of whom have ever been invited back to play again.

Besides Cody, Eddie and Will, the other dozen male winners were Drew Daniel (Season 5), Mike “Boogie” Malin (Season 7), “Evel” Dick Donato (Season 8), Adam Jasinski (Season 9), Dan Gheesling (Season 10), Hayden Moss (Season 12), Ian Terry (Season 14), Andy Herron (Season 15), Derrick Levasseur (Season 16), Steve Moses (Season 17), Josh Martinez (Season 19) and Jackson Michie (Season 21).

After Lisa and Jun, the subsequent female winners were Maggie Ausburn (Season 6), Jordan Lloyd (Season 11), Rachel Reilly (Season 13), Nicole (Season 18) and Kaycee Clark (Season 20). It’s a different story entirely for the two spin-off series, with Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tamar Braxton both winning “Celebrity Big Brother” and Morgan Willett claiming the crown on “Big Brother: Over the Top.”

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Cody prevailed after the following nine jury members voted him as the winner: Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott and Nicole. No one picked Enzo, making it the second unanimous victory in “BB” history after Dan Gheesling in Season 10.

Do you think the right person won “Big Brother: All-Stars”? Sound off down in the comments section with your nitpicks and praises over how Season 22 turned out. There’s good news on the horizon, “BB” fans, as your favorite show has been renewed for a 23rd season to air in Summer 2021.

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