Sorry, Cody: ‘Big Brother 22’ viewers think Tyler deserves to win ‘All-Stars’ [POLL RESULTS]

It’s official: “Big Brother 22” viewers think Tyler Crispen is the person who most deserves to win “All-Stars.” He tops our recent poll results with a leading 32% of the vote, just ahead of Cody Calafiore who comes in second place at 29%. These two former runners-up (Tyler lost to Kaycee Clark in “BB20,” Cody lost to Derrick Levasseur in “BB16”) have been aligned all season long, but now that there are only six houseguests left in the running for the $500,000 prize, all bets are off.

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Tyler and Cody originally teamed up as part of the Committee alliance in week one, a six-person team that pretty much won every single Head of household competition throughout the season (yawn). The guys were also members of the ill-fated Slick Six alliance that crashed midway through the summer after Tyler tried to drive a wedge between Dani Briones and Da’Vonne Rogers & Bayleigh Dayton.

Even though Tyler seemed to have everything going for him (a flawless physical game, an impressive social game), he hit a rough patch early on when he got homesick. He frequently shouts messages of “I love you” to his girlfriend Angela Rummans, who he met in the “BB20” house two years ago. Tyler briefly contemplated throwing in the towel and having then-HOH Christmas Abbott put him up as a replacement nominee, but wiser minds convinced him to stick it out.

While Tyler has a secret final two deal with Christmas, Cody has separate deals as well. He and Nicole Franzel have each other’s backs till the end, and he’s also in a final three alliance with Enzo Palumbo and Memphis Garrett called the “Wise Guys.” Both Tyler and Cody have set themselves up nicely for a show-stopping finale, but will they make it that far? Stay tuned.

So who’s most deserving to join the “Big Brother” winners list, according to fans? Here is how the remaining half-dozen players fared in our poll:

1. Tyler Crispen — 32%

2. Cody Calafiore — 29%

3. Enzo Palumbo — 23%

4. Nicole Franzel — 10%

5. Christmas Abbott — 4%

6. Memphis Garrett — 2%

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