Alfonso Ribeiro suggests ‘Dancing with the Stars’ should’ve been canceled instead of axing Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews

Like many fans, Alfonso Ribeiro is less than pleased about Tom Bergeron‘s and Erin Andrewsfirings from “Dancing with the Stars” — so much so that would’ve rather seen the show canceled than them gone.

“I’ve texted back and forth with Tom. I would’ve never made that decision, obviously. I think Tom and Erin are the backbone of the show,” the Season 19 champ told “Us Weekly” (watch above). “I have no idea where they’re going to go and what changes they want to make and why and how these decisions were made. But I think people like myself will absolutely miss Tom and Erin. It’ll be hard for me to see the show in whatever new form it is.”

ABC and BBC Studios, which produces “Dancing,” shockingly dropped the co-hosts last Monday. Bergeron had been with the show since its 2005 premiere, while Andrews joined in 2014 after being a contestant in 2010. The next day, Tyra Banks was announced as the new host and executive producer to help that the show in a “new creative direction” in Season 29.

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In Ribeiro’s eyes, if TPTB wanted to change the show, they should’ve started from scratch. “Sometimes I look at things and I say, ‘Why don’t we just make a new show?'” he continued. “And then just make that show and then cancel the one that you’re chopping up. Right?”

The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum considers Bergeron the “best host on television,” but he wishes Banks, who recurred on the sitcom, the best. “I mean, Tyra got kind of her start in acting on ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ And I went to grade school with Tyra,” he said. “So I’m hoping that she does a great job. But it’s hard. It’s going to be hard for me to watch it without Tom in there.”

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Before Banks was announced, some fans speculated that Ribeiro would fill Bergeron’s shoes, seeing that he’s a former champ and Bergeron personally recommended him to replace him as host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” But the actor says he would’ve only considered doing it if the “circumstances were very different” — as in if Bergeron voluntarily left, like he did on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

“If the circumstances were very different, that might’ve been something that I might’ve been interested in doing. I certainly would not have been interested in Tom being fired and me being hired to do it. I mean, I already took over for him on [‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’]. I can’t do all of his gigs,” he joked. “And at the end of the day, the ‘AFV’ [exit] was not a firing. It was him leaving, and that’s what made it possible for me to go. I never want to take someone’s job like that. Yes. That has nothing to do [with] whoever you’re hiring of course, but because I’m so close to him, it just wouldn’t have felt right to do if they approached me.”

“Dancing” will return in the fall on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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