Dani Briones (‘Big Brother 22’) exit interview: ‘I don’t like Christmas’ and ‘I’m flabbergasted’ Cody evicted me

It may not have been the outcome she wanted, but Dani Briones made “Big Brother” history during Thursday night’s episode when she became the third houseguest sent packing in a historic triple eviction. Not one to mince words, Dani tried to save herself by pledging to go after Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott if she remained in the house, but the “BB 8” runner-up was ultimately voted out 4-0 over her best friend in the game, Nicole Franzel. After the vote was read, Dani said her goodbyes but refused to hug Christmas or Tyler on her way to speak with host Julie Chen Moonves.

“Honestly I just don’t really like her,” Dani admitted in her exit interview when asked about snubbing Christmas on her way out the door. “Sometimes I like her, but I didn’t talk a lot of game with her. I always felt like she was saying ‘girls, girls, girls’ and I knew that she wasn’t. She played with guys last time and I knew that’s how she wanted to play this time.”

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But does she think Christmas outplayed her? “Probably!” Dani admitted. “Physically, this time around, I was not that good. I knew that I needed a better social game and I thought my social game was good enough to keep me here today. Clearly it wasn’t. I guess I wasn’t playing as good of a game as I thought I did.”

“I’m most hurt by Cody [Calafiore],” she revealed. “I’m shocked! I’m truly shocked that he didn’t vote for me. I call him my ‘BB’ BFF, that’s my boy. We stay up all night almost every night scheming and planning and he knew I would never put him up. I would never nominate him. I’m flabbergasted that he voted to evict me. That genuinely hurts.”

Dani now sees that leaving Tyler in the game was a fatal mistake. “I went to vote Ian [Terry] out to keep Tyler so that I would have the numbers with the Committee. My loyalty was always with the core four, which was Enzo [Palumbo], Cody, Nicole and me. That was where my loyalty lied. Then came the Committee. I liked the Committee so much because Cody and Nicole were in it. Memphis [Garrett] I felt good with, but Tyler and Christmas I never felt good with. I was just waiting like a ticking time bomb to blow up on them. I wanted them out for a while.”

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But was keeping Nicole, a former winner, a strategically smart move for the rest of the house? “I don’t think that has anything to do with it,” Dani asserts. “Nicole is probably the least threatening in the house right now to win the game. To win a competition in general. They all saw me as a bigger threat.”

When asked if spreading rumors about Tyler cost her the game, Dani admitted she has a tendency to overplay. “Sometimes I sat in there and I reminded myself, ‘don’t play too hard.’ Sometimes I felt like I was playing too hard. But if it wasn’t for Tyler trying to leave the game because he wanted to go home to his girlfriend, he would have never turned against me and I would have never turned against him. Because he wanted to leave, he ultimately messed up my game and it’s probably gonna mess up his game too. If I could do anything differently I would have pushed harder to get Tyler out instead of Ian.”

So does she respect the All-Stars remaining in the game? “As competitors I do have respect for most of them,” Dani responds. “I do respect Tyler on certain levels, but I also don’t respect him for wanting to go home and trying to leave. It’s All-Stars. It’s not your first season. If you wanna come, play! If you don’t want to come, stay home!”

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