Da’Vonne Rogers (‘Big Brother 22’) on possible eviction: ‘You know me, I’m gonna fight’

Da’Vonne, Da’Vonne, Da’Vonne! At the conclusion of this season of “Big Brother” when Da’Vonne Rogers goes back and watches all the episodes on her DVR, she’s going to feel so silly about everything that happened this week. For starters, the three-time fan favorite incorrectly accused David Alexander of betraying her, Kevin Campbell and Nicole Franzel about not voting to keep Ian Terry, when it was really Nicole. And now, she stubbornly refused to pick David for the Veto, even though he previously said if he won he planned on using it to “save a friend.”

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To recap, after Tyler Crispen won the Veto against the wishes of Head of Household Memphis Garrett, he proclaimed he wasn’t going to use it. At first Memphis was upset because his plan all week was to backdoor David. But when Tyler hypothesized that Da’Vonne and Kevin might be working with Nicole and Dani Briones (which isn’t necessarily wrong), Memphis seemed okay with him keeping the noms the same.

“This confirms there was never a backdoor plan for David in progress,” Da’Vonne wrongly stated in the Diary Room after the Veto meeting. “Unfortunately, here I am sitting on the block next to one of my best friends yet again going into eviction night. But you know me, I’m gonna fight.”

Da’Vonne’s block buddy Kevin seemed equally determined to stay in the house this week, telling the camera, “So the Veto is not used and I’m still on the block with Da’Vonne. That means one of us is actually gonna go. But I survived the block before and I’ll survive the block again because I’m the ‘Big Brother’ phoenix. I will rise from these ashes.”

Even though Memphis’ backdoor plan went awry, he doesn’t seem too upset about having to live with David another week. “It was more important this week to cut off Dani and Nicole’s side deal,” he noted, mimicking what Tyler told him earlier. “We want them to stay focused on the Committee and not try to work other angles.”

Who will be evicted on Thursday, September 24 — Kevin or Da’Vonne? And who will become the next HOH of Season 22? Stay tuned.

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