‘Project Runway’ judges made another bad call: Delvin McCray shouldn’t have been eliminated, it should’ve been … [POLL RESULTS]

Delvin McCray was the latest designer sent home on “Project Runway.” He played it too safe with his design in “Live and Let Tie Dye,” so he was kicked to the curb. But was that the right decision? Not according to most of the fans we polled. Scroll down to see our complete poll results.

Less than one-third of respondents (32%) said McCray deserved to be eliminated. The judges thought the design was forgettable and dated, and a couple of them thought he failed to elevate the concept of tie-dye due to his bright red, orange and yellow color choices. Even guest judge Leslie Jones thought it looked like a “cheap church dress.”

But most of our readers (62%) thought Victoria Cocieru should have been eliminated instead. She certainly didn’t play it safe with her denim shorts/pants hybrid and a flounce up top that looked like a cape made out of lettuce. But it was arguably the bigger fail, less flattering on her model with a sloppier use of tie-dye techniques. So why did the judges save her?

Well, “Project Runway” judges usually prefer it when designers take a big swing and miss to when they hold back out of fear or a lack of inspiration. Cocieru has never been one hold back with her designs. However, this is the third time Cocieru has stumbled dramatically on the runway and was given a second chance.

She stubbornly underplayed her print in “Project Runway X Ashley Longshore,” but they eliminated Marquise Foster for an okay look with construction problems (Foster returned to the competition due to Dayoung Kim‘s withdrawal the following week). Then she had a meltdown in “Sheer Genius” and ended up with a sloppy dress put together in two hours, but the judges ousted Chelsey Carter‘s not-great but not-a-disaster look even though it was Carter’s first time at the bottom.

So our readers weren’t as forgiving of Cocieru’s latest struggle on the runway, especially since the judges have been a lot more forgiving of her than they have been of any other designer’s mistakes. Will the judges eventually come around to the fans’ point of view if Cocieru struggles with another challenge?

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