‘America’s Got Talent’ audition: The Demented Brothers go crazy but Simon Cowell isn’t nuts about them [WATCH]

When The Demented Brothers took the “America’s Got Talent” stage for their audition on Tuesday’s third episode, the voiceover that spoke for them created a comedic atmosphere that prepared everyone except Simon Cowell for what they were about to (ahem!) not see. What is it we didn’t see? Magic, though that’s what they (sort of) promised. Watch their audition above!

As you can see, their brand of magic wasn’t actually magic. Instead it was very basic sleight-of-hand tricks that weren’t clean, weren’t clever, and didn’t fool anybody. In fact, you can even see their red handkerchief in their palms at times when you weren’t supposed to. But magic isn’t actually the talent they were auditioning! Instead it was a comedic routine, spoofing the magicians like Shin Lim that have won the show.

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But the fact that it wasn’t actual magic didn’t stop Heidi Klum from exclaiming that it was “by far the best magic” she has ever seen! When it came time to vote, Heidi was a clear “yes” as was Howie Mandel, but with a “no” vote from Simon, the decision to send them through or not fell to Sofia Vergara. In her critique she had told them that she’s never seen anything like their act, and though she was confused by it she still enjoyed it. But she took an informal poll from the roaring audience to take their word for it and say “yes,” sending them through to the next round with a split vote.

The Demented Brothers were not the only act on Tuesday night to advance with the support of only three of the judges. Earlier in the episode, dancer Amanda La Count failed to impress Heidi who had hit her “X” during the performance. Later in the episode, world record-breaker David Rush was also facing a split panel. This time, both Simon and Heidi said “yes,” but Howie was a firm “no,” leaving the decision up to Sofia. Unfortunately for David, even a cheering crowd could not sway her in David’s favor and so her “no” vote sent him home.

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Against Simon’s better judgment, The Demented Brothers will next compete in the Judges Cut round.  The format will be the same this year as last, with “America’s Got Talent” airing initially just on Tuesdays with the first six weeks devoted to the auditions that took place around the country. Then there will be four weeks of Judge Cuts beginning in July, followed by the series of live performance shows and results episodes in mid-August.

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