‘AGT: The Champions’ exclusive: Duo Transcend will have you shaking from your head to your, um, toes [WATCH]

When trapeze act Duo Transcend takes the stage on Monday night’s “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” finale, the pair has a trick up their sleeve that is going to leave you shaking. And you don’t even have to trust me on that! Watch an exclusive teaser of the trick above.

Now, Tyce Nielsen always blindfolds himself for their most daring tricks, and we’ve even seen his wife Mary Wolfe-Nielsen blindfold herself too. That isn’t exactly what is at stake this time. As you can see, for this trick, Mary begins on his lap and then, while blindfolded, climbs up on his arms to a standing position on Tyce’s shoulders. She then prepares herself to be in the perfect position for Tyce to catch her by feeling around his body with nothing but her toes!

Mary then turns and leaps toes first in between Tyce’s legs, where he’s expected to catch her by the hands just before she passes his reach. The teaser cuts just before we see if they achieve the trick. Do you think they will? I’m honestly not even sure I’ll be able to watch without covering my eyes. Maybe I’ll have to go by how long Heidi Klum‘s scream lasts. But based on their past performances, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

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After their circus-themed routine in last week’s semifinal round, Simon Cowell told them that they “were in control of everything” and went on to say that it was “everything but more” that he could hope for for them as performers. The pressure was really on for them in that round as they were one of three acrobatic-based acts competing. By the end of the round, they were up for the Judges’ Save with Duo Destiny and earned it in an unanimous vote from the panel.

In Monday’s finale, Duo Transcend will be up against fellow acrobats Sandou Russian Bar Trio, entertainer Hans, Alexa Lauenburger and her dogs, multi-range singer Marcelito Pomoy, violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, and the four Golden Buzzer acts from the preliminary rounds: singer Angelina Jordan and three dance groups V.Unbeatable, Boogie Storm and Silhouettes.

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