Melissa Rivers & Tom O’Neil: Can the Oscars and Emmys survive Coronavirus? [Video and audio podcast]

What did veteran award-watchers Melissa Rivers and I think of the recent Pandemmys and what do we believe will happen to the future of the Oscars, Golden Globes and other Hollywood trophy shows now hit so drastically by the global pandemic?

Sure, host Jimmy Kimmel and the Television Academy just got well-deserved hoorays for that cleverly staged Pandemmys on ABC, but TV viewership fell to only 6.9 million peeps, down approximately 50% from just 10 years ago. Over the same period, Oscar viewership plunged a similar percentage, down to this year’s lowest viewership ever: only 23.6 million.

What’s going on? Can the Emmys and Oscars be saved? Can red-carpet fashion parades be revived?

And what wild, zany and fascinating stories will Melissa and I tattle about what occurred behind the scenes during those live E! Network and TV Guide Channel shows? Promise: No embarrassing secrets will be withheld.

I would like to add a personal note about this photo above of Melissa and me covering the Oscars back in –  when was this image taken, Melissa? Do you recall? Feb., 2007? Does this match your memory of the dress you wore that year? Over decades of my interactions with top Hollywood celebrities, I often gave my proud mother dozens of pix of me posed sweetly with the likes of Mary Tyler Moore, Walter Cronkite, George Clooney and many other celebs, but the only one she ever had framed prominently to be displayed in the dining room of our family home in Mentor, Ohio, was this warm, chummy shot of Melissa and me covering the Oscars. Ain’t that grand?

Melissa is rather busy these days with, among other things, hosting her own successful podcast series you must subscribe to – “Melissa Rivers’ Group Text Podcast,” which you can also subscribe to at Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts plus other major audio outlets.  In each episode she shares her thoughts on whatever Melissa and her friends are texting about – everything from latest fashion trends to the annoying number of TV reboots and to what Melissa’s life is now as an empty nester. All discussions are lively, fun, informative and, of course, oft-outrageous.

Listen to the audio podcast version of our chat below:

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