Enzo Palumbo (‘Big Brother 22’): ‘It’s kill or be killed’ heading into final stretch of ‘All-Stars’

“It’s kill or be killed,” proclaimed Enzo Palumbo at the end of Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 22.” Even though the self-proclaimed “Meow-Meow” isn’t part of the dominant “Committee” alliance, he’s still managed to work his way into several final three deals, including “Wise Guys 1” with Memphis Garrett and Cody Calafiore and “Wise Guys 2” with Memphis and Christmas Abbott. Could Enzo be a dark horse to win the entire “All-Stars” season, which is scheduled to end October 28 on CBS?

After Cody won this week’s golf-themed Head of Household competition, he put up the only two people he didn’t talk game with: Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. But Enzo, who originally came in third place back in “BB12,” is already looking ahead and thinking about what might happen once the house gets so low in numbers the major alliances will have to eat each other.

“If David or Kevin come off the block, Cody’s gonna be in a little bit of a pickle,” Enzo said in the Diary Room after the nominations ceremony. “There’s no easy options after this week. There’s all really good players left in this house. I think we’re gonna see a lot more crying. There’s gonna be a lot more backstabbing. There’s gonna be a lot more blood. It’s kill or be killed at this point, man. So, just buckle up and get ready ’cause it’s gonna get crazy.”

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Cody doesn’t even want to entertain a potential backdoor scenario, telling the camera, “It’s very important that these two stay nominated.” He later added, “But if either Kevin or David are able to take themselves off the block it’s not too early to put up one of my alliance members. We’re at that point. It is gonna get very intense, very quickly.”

Enzo hopes that if the Veto saves either Kevin or David, then Cody puts up Christmas. Apparently his “Wise Guys 2” alliance with her doesn’t mean much in the long run. He spilled the beans to Cody prior to the nominations ceremony about both versions of the “Wise Guys,” so we’ll have to wait and see whether Memphis comes under fire for creating two alliances — with the same name — with two different groups of people.

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