Which FEMALE ‘Survivor’ winner are you rooting for in Season 40: Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow … ? [POLL]

On Wednesday night 20 “Survivor” champions will begin their battle for the $2 million prize (no, that’s not a typo) that comes with being named “Sole Survivor” of Season 40, “Winners at War.” Ten of those champions are the fiercest, most competitive and dynamic players to ever win the game. The other ten are men. Vote below in our poll to determine which female “Survivor” champion you are most rooting for this season.

Of all the women on this cast, Sandra Diaz-Twine is the name you’re probably most familiar with. Going into this cycle she remains the only player to ever win twice — first in Season 7 “Pearl Islands” and again in Season 20 “Heroes vs. Villains.” Unless she pulls off the seemingly impossible and wins again, one of her competitors will join her in that double win category. It could be Parvati Shallow, who lost to Sandra by only a few votes in the Season 20 finale. Parvati entered that season as the recent winner of Season 16 “Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites” where her Black Widow Brigade remains one of the most iconic and effective alliances of all time.

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Like Sandra and Parvati, who bested other winners at the time J.T. Thomas and Tom Westman, Amber Mariano comes to Season 40 on the back of her Season 8 “All-Stars” win where she beat out four previous winners to earn her title. That kind of experience could come in handy for them this time around, especially when compared to Natalie Anderson (Season 29 “San Juan del Sur”), Danni Boatwright (Season 11 “Guatemala”), Sophie Clarke (Season 23 “South Pacific”), Michele Fitzgerald (Season 29 “Kaoh Rong”), Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (Season 24 “One World”) and Denise Stapley (Season 25 “Philippines”) who have all only ever played the game once.

For what it’s worth, Denise, Danni and Sophie do have experience playing against other veterans. In fact, all of them beat former players in order to win. Denise won over Michael Skupin, Danni beat out Stephenie LaGrossa and Sophie defeated Coach Wade. Interestingly, Danni is the first player from “Guatemala” to ever return for another outing, a stat that could give her an advantage over the many players who come to the season with bad blood after being pitted against each other previously.

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Sarah Lacina is one player that might have to fight off a bad reputation with other players. When she won Season 34 “Game Changers” it was over two “Winners at War” competitors: Sandra and Tony Vlachos. Neither Sandra nor Tony were on the jury that awarded Sarah the win, but Sarah was among the votes that sent Sandra packing.

In fairness to each of these 10 ladies, they all dominated the games that they won and come with their own qualities that could contribute to another win. Which of them are YOU rooting for to win? Be sure to vote in the poll and then sound off in the reality TV forums to cheer them on.

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