Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey fired from ‘Days of Our Lives’: ‘It was not our choice’ [WATCH]

“Chandler and I were released from our contracts, so we will not be filming any more episode after this week,” said “Days of Our Lives” actor Freddie Smith on his YouTube channel on February 12 (watch above). He and Chandler Massey — both Daytime Emmy winners for their roles as groundbreaking gay supercouple Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton, respectively — have been fired from the show and will last be seen on the show in September since the show films so far in advance of its air dates.

“I’m making this video about seven or eight days after we found out,” Smith explained. “So I’ve had time to process … We went through an emotional roller coaster over the past eight days of really taking everything into consideration … It was not our choice. Chandler and I were looking forward to staying on and signing a contract and keeping the storyline going.”

But the actor adds, “I do understand that there’s a lot happening with ‘Days of Our Lives.'” Specifically, lots of “Days” fans’ hearts skipped a beat last fall when it was announced that the entire cast had been released from their contracts. It turned out the series was renewed after all, prompting new negotiations with its cast members, but clearly not all of them. “I can only imagine that there was a big board of 35 actors … and they were like, we’ve got to cut some people, so who is it going to be? And it landed on me and Chandler.”

That said, WilSon might not be gone for good. “No matter what happens,” Smith says, “there are ways for people to come back, so is the door closed forever? I don’t think so, but just the way that things are feeling I also don’t want to give everyone a false sense of hope.” For instance, Massey’s role of Will was recast with Guy Wilson in 2014, then killed off in 2015, and then resurrected with Massey again in 2017. Never say never on a soap opera.

Massey first joined the cast of “Days” in 2010 and has played the role continuously except for those aforementioned three years in the middle of the decade. He won Emmys for Best Younger Actor consecutively from 2012-2014, making history as the first actor ever to win that award three times in a row. Smith won that category immediately thereafter in 2015. Smith joined the cast as Sonny in 2011 and has played that role ever since.

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