Who’s the ‘ribbiting’ Frog on ‘The Masked Singer’? We examine the clues

Group B kicked off the fourth episode of Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” along with judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, and of course host Nick Cannon (loved those ruby slippers, Nick). First up was The Frog rapping and dancing to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” As the zoot-suited backup dancers killed themselves behind this frog, he pranced back and forth, he was very energetic and he had that Michael Jackson crotch-grabby thing down. But who was he?

The clues continued to be challenging. There was a lightning bolt, an Olympic poster vintage 1996, a voice-over about “doing things his way” and some more chatter about “swimming with the big frogs and trying to survive,” along with a visual of $106 in cash.

Jenny zeroed in on the 1996 Olympic poster and the lightning bolt and said it could be runner Michael Johnson. Ken proclaimed it was Carl Lewis—because he can sing? Nicole thought it was someone in music and she guessed Ray J.

The Frog looks short, and young because he has some smooth moves, and Ray J is 39 (relatively young) and he’s not sky high—he’s only about 5’7”—so Nicole’s guess is plausible. Jenny isn’t far off either. Johnson did appear in the ’96 Olympics and set a world record, winning gold for the 200-meter dash — but can he perform?

I’m going out on a limb with my guess: Billboard cites one of the biggest stars of 1996 as Eminem—he made his debut album Infinite that year. He’s 5’8” (not tall), he’s definitely “done things his way,” he’s swam with the big “frogs,” and he’s a crotch-grabber. I say it’s Michigan’s own Marshall Bruce Mathers. Who’s YOUR guess?

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