Remember the ‘General Hospital’ viral epidemic of 2006? Revisit Tony Jones’s heartbreaking death during your quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the entertainment industry into turmoil, shuttering a number of TV shows from late night to daytime. That includes the ABC soap “General Hospital” — and let’s hope that’s the only hospital closure we have to worry about. That reminded me of the time when “GH” itself dramatized a viral epidemic. In 2006 a highly contagious encephalitis tore through the town of Port Charles, killing Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule). If you’ve got time on your hands due to business closures and social distancing, relive his heartbreaking last scenes above.

Maule joined the cast as Tony in 1984 and played him for more than 20 years before he was killed off in the fictional epidemic. One of his most famous storylines came in 1994 when his daughter BJ was critically injured in an accident and he made the devastating choice to donate BJ’s heart to her ailing cousin Maxie. Maule earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Actor for that storyline.

Then in 1996 he was seduced by his wife Bobbie’s long-lost daughter Carly when Carly first arrived in town hellbent on revenge against the mother who gave her up for adoption. Carly became pregnant, but even though the baby turned out not to be Tony’s, he kidnapped the child and was later shot by Carly in open court after he was found not-guilty because of temporary insanity.

But Tony turned his life back around after that, and Bobbie was even there at his bedside bidding him a fond farewell. He could see BJ waiting for him on the other side when he died — I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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