Were Geometrie Variable able to bring the ‘World of Dance’ title back to France with this ‘elevated’ final performance? [WATCH]

“I never would have thought that a group doing what you guys do would make it to the finale. It really is unprecedented,” said “World of Dance” judge Jennifer Lopez about the last performance of underdog finalists Geometrie Variable. The Frenchmen had an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the show’s very first winners, Les Twins, who were also urban-style dancers from France. Did they surprise you as much as they surprised Lopez over the course of the season? Watch their final performance above.

Geometrie Variable based their entire performances around tutting, which other hip-hop performers often incorporate into their routines but was the cornerstone of this trio’s choreography. They used their hands and arms to create geometric shapes set to music, and the judges weren’t always sure if the team had enough variety and versatility to survive the rest of the competition. But they just kept winning. They upset Oxygen during the Duels round (Oxygen won redemption and also ended up at the World Final), and then they showed off their sexier side at the Semi-Finals, winning them a spot in the final four.

“I loved how you tried to elevate what you do and make it show-worthy for the finale,” Lopez added about their routine, which used a laser light show to frame their movements. “I’m personally super proud of you guys for even making it to this point,” added Ne-Yo. And Derek Hough told them, “As a choreographer, I just love your work and respect you guys so much.” I’ll be honest, I thought those comments sounded very “A for effort” and not the feedback you’d expect for the world champions.

I turned out to be right. Geometrie Variable was the last act to perform during the finals, so the judges probably had a good idea of who should win. It was between them and the Junior Division contemporary team MDC 3, who had gotten an average score of 95.7. Geometrie Variable ended up with 94s from Ne-Yo and Hough and a 92 from Lopez, giving them a final average of 93.3. That placed them third overall while MDC 3 were crowned the champions. But it’s nevertheless true that Geometrie Variable’s ascent was a remarkable feat. Their specialized form a dance made them one of the top three dance acts in the world this season. And they can take that back to France with their heads held high.

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