Gloria Reuben (‘Mr. Robot’) on how final season features ‘the trickiest thing I’ve ever done onscreen’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Gloria Reuben went to some heavy places on the final season of USA’s “Mr. Robot.” She reprised her guest role as Elliot’s (Rami Malek) therapist Krista, who is kidnapped and interrogated by the villainous Vera (Elliot Villar) around the midway point of the season in order to better understand Elliot’s psyche. Through two episodes, she is bound, gagged and put through the wringer emotionally as Vera tries to get her to reveal what she knows about Elliot. “That was the trickiest thing I’ve ever done onscreen and perhaps in my life,” Reuben says in an exclusive new interview for Gold Derby. “My body was scared. Obviously my mind knew that I was safe but it was really a challenging thing emotionally at the end of the day and physically as well.” Watch the video webchat above.

Despite Krista going through emotional turmoil in those moments, Reuben notes that she felt safe on-set to express how she was feeling and whether she was being pushed to the limit. “If I just needed to break out of it for a few minutes, we decided that I would stomp my feet and that would be the signal to, ‘I need a break,'” she explains. Even still, it was difficult to separate what Krista was going through from what Reuben herself was experiencing. “The body doesn’t know that you’re acting. The body responds emotionally and chemically.”

The actress was part of two other significant moments in the final season of “Mr. Robot.” One was a forced therapy session in which Vera made Krista directly confront Elliot about the terrible thing that happened with his father in the past. Reuben admits that emotionally raw moment, in which Elliot makes the revelation that his father abused him, was “unlike anything I’ve ever done,” visibly moved to tears just thinking about filming the scene. The other moment took place in the series finale, where Krista appears within Elliot’s mind and lays out all of his various personalities and revealing a major twist for the series in the process. “I wanna go back there to that level and to that height and to that kind of magic again,” Reuben recalls, of that final scene. “It was extremely special and unforgettable.”

Reuben is a past Emmy nominee for her work on “E.R.,” where she played Jeanie Boulet. She looks back fondly on one of the two times she attended the ceremony as a nominee, when she was able to bring her brother Dennis, who has since passed away. “He went to the Emmys with me and one of the photos that’s in [my] book is from that Emmy ceremony,” she states. “I would have to say that that would be my most treasured and cherished memory, when I went there with Denis.” Now, over 20 years later, she admits that “it sure would be a nice thing to get up on that stage.”

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