Vote for your favorite Golden Buzzer on ‘AGT: The Champions’ Season 2: Angelina Jordan, Boogie Storm, V.Unbeatable or Silhouettes? [POLL]

Season 2 of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” is in full swing, which means the Golden Buzzers are being pressed left and right. After a month of competition, four acts have been anointed by the judges so far, meaning they all advanced to the finals: 14-year-old singer Angelina Jordan (Heidi Klum‘s pick), “Star Wars” dancers Boogie Storm (Simon Cowell‘s choice), Indian dance crew V.Unbeatable (Howie Mandel‘s selection) and shadow dance group Silhouettes (Alesha Dixon‘s option). Of this foursome, which one is your favorite? Vote in our “AGT” Golden Buzzer poll below.

Angelina previously won “Norway’s Got Talent” 2014 when she was only seven, and she’s been waiting all this time to sing for Simon, whom she called “a legend.” For her “AGT: The Champions” performance in week one, Angelina gave a haunting rendition of Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” that had the judges up on their feet. “This was so amazing!” Heidi exclaimed as she jumped up and pressed her Golden Buzzer for the talented tyke. A sheepish Angelina later replied, “I feel amazing. I don’t have any words to describe how amazing it feels.”

“AGT: The Champions” erupted in controversy when Simon stole Howie’s Golden Buzzer in week two. Simon just couldn’t let his favorite “Britain’s Got Talent” Storm Troopers slide by without a confetti shower, so he reached over the table and pushed the button for them. As usual, the group danced to a selection of up-tempo songs including Ariana Grande‘s “Bang Bang,” Kelis‘ “Milkshake,” Kris Kross‘s “Jump” and The Offspring‘s “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).” As they never speak, Boogie Storm had nothing to say about the controversy.

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A week later, Howie got his revenge on Simon by pushing the Golden Buzzer for “AGT” Season 14 finalists V.Unbeatable. The Indian dance crew, who are now “the pride” of their country, performed yet another amazing routine that included dancing, kicking, throwing and in-the-air stunt work. Howie announced, “When you didn’t win ‘AGT,’ the disappointment you had, we felt like a knife going into our heart. But disappointment only lasts a moment. This is a moment. This is the moment you have been waiting for.” Howie then walked around the sat down on the button.

New judge Alesha pushed her button in week four for Silhouettes, the runners-up in 2011 to singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Simon was “annoyed” that Alesha got to anoint the shadow dancers with a Golden Buzzer following their performance centering around the love of a family dog. Alesha noted how the act reminded her of her own childhood puppy, which explains why she and the others had tears welling in their eyes. Can Silhouettes now go on to win “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” after coming up short nearly a decade ago?

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