Grammy Awards 2020 winners: Best prediction scores by our Experts, Editors and Users

Congratulations to our User awardsmonster for a terrific score of 87.50% when predicting the 2020 Grammy Awards winners on Sunday. He is just ahead of Left4den and Joseph Digristina at 84.38% and also has a better point score total of 32,589 by using the 500 super bets wisely.

Over 2,500 people worldwide predicted these Grammys champs in 32 categories for the CBS ceremony hosted by Alicia Keys in downtown Los Angeles. Our top scorer got 28 out of the 32 winners correct. That included a sweep of the top four categories by Billie Eilish (Album, Record, Song, New Artist), plus victories by Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Gary Clark, Jr. and more.

You can see how your score compares to all others in our leaderboard rankings of all contestants, which also includes links to see each participant’s predictions. To see your own scores, go to the User menu in the top right corner of every page of Gold Derby when you’re signed in to the site. Use the drop down menu to go to “View Profile,” then look for the links to your “Award Show Scores.” Gold Derby must evaluate each potential winner’s eligibility as per our contest rules. If eligible, the first-place finisher receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

For our nine Editors predicting, there is a five-way tie on top at 75.00% for Marcus Dixon, Zach Laws, Paul Sheehan, Susan Wloszczyna and myself. Joyce Eng and Rob Licuria are then tied at 71.88%. Daniel Montgomery is next with 68.75% and then Riley Chow with 53.13%. See Editors’ scores.

Other than Eng and Wloszczyna, four other Experts predicted all 32 categories. Edna Gundersen (Gold Derby) was best with 75.00%. Chris Willman (Variety) has 65.63%, Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo Music) has 56.25% and then Glenn Gamboa (Newsday) has 50.00%. See Experts’ scores.

Be sure to make your Grammy predictions so that record executives and top name stars can see how their music is faring in our Grammy odds. Don’t be afraid to jump in now since you can keep changing your predictions until winners are announced. And join in the fierce debate over the 2020 Grammys taking place right now with Hollywood insiders in our music forums. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news.

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