Hans (‘AGT: The Champions’) gets ‘redemption and revenge’ by vowing to ‘Make America Glitter Again’ [WATCH]

A large part of Hans‘ appeal on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” is his unparalleled sense of confidence and personal accomplishment. In many ways, he is the most charming egomaniac we’ll find on TV, which makes his embroiled relationship with series judge Simon Cowell that much more compelling and the concept of him running for office feel oddly familiar.

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During his first audition of the season, Hans received the dreaded red buzzer from Simon who said of his performance to Lizzo‘s “Juice” that “it’s almost impossible to make that worse.” That’s why for his second performance Hans sought both “redemption and revenge” against Simon and all of his haters.

Right before his performance Hans told the camera, “Regret! You’re gonna feel it in a second, Cowell.” And so Hans addressed Simon and the other naysayers head on by swatting away their negative comments by cracking jokes about his own humility and Simon himself. He brought many of the same things to the stage this week — pink confetti, horns and accordions, a big pop song and exciting tricks, but this time he also brought a huge smile to Simon’s face!

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During the judges’ critiques, Howie Mandel said that Hans is “so much bigger than this show.” Going on to compare him to the President Trump, pointing out that he “is on Twitter, a reality show and has hats.” Trump and Hans are similar? Surely that is a comparison only Howie could make work, but Hans rolled right along with it, asking “Are you saying it’s time to Make America Glitter Again?”

The performance was good enough for Hans to be one of six semi-finalists to earn the Superfans‘ support on Monday night. He will compete again on Monday, February 10 for the chance to be the second artist to be crowned as winner of “AGT: The Champions.”

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