Heidi Klum (‘America’s Got Talent’) describes the fever that sent her home during auditions

Editor’s note: Klum called in to “AGT” to give an update on her health.

If you watched “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday night, you noticed an unfortunate absence at the judges’ table. Heidi Klum didn’t appear in the second half of the June 16 episode because she was feeling “under the weather,” host Terry Crews informed the audience. As Heidi recently explained to Gold Derby, she had a fever and got sent home during the Season 15 auditions out of an abundance of caution for the coronavirus pandemic, which at the time hadn’t yet shut down Hollywood production. Heidi’s seat was left empty while co-judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara carried on without her; she’ll be replaced next week by Eric Stonestreet. The German star later tested negative for coronavirus, as reported by People.

“I was lucky to still film five days,” Heidi began, “and then I got all of a sudden sick. I had this cough and I had this fever. I had come into work and I said to [producers], ‘This is not a joke. I’m not feeling good.’ They came immediately and they did my vitals and they’re like, ‘Yeah, you have a fever.’ With this cough and with everything that’s going on … you know, we’re hearing all these things, how rapidly this new COVID-19 was spreading. And so they sent me home.”

Looking back now at her health scare, Heidi readily admitted to Gold Derby senior editors Daniel Montgomery and Susan Wloszczyna, “It was very strange then, because everything happened fast. We were still filming with a full audience and then a few days after that they were filming without me, then without an audience, then they had to stop filming altogether.” Luckily Heidi was still able to push her Golden Buzzer for soul singer Cristina Rae before she took ill.

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As for the all-important “AGT” live shows, which typically film at the Dolby Theatre in mid-August, Heidi confirmed, “They’re still trying to figure out all that out.” She noted how “every country is different” in terms of their coronavirus rules and told a story about how her series “Germany’s Next Top Model” was able to film its finale live on stage. Heidi couldn’t travel to the finale, but she live-streamed in remotely and even did her “own hair and makeup” for the event.

Heidi continued on, “I’m sure here at one point we will be able to figure out how we can continue filming ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Every day something is changing. Every day we’re finding out new things about this and what we can do so that life can go forward.” She concluded with a smile, “We’re entertainers! We want to put something on the air or on streaming for people to go adrift to.” Watch the full interview here.

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