Heidi Klum (‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’) wants to put Simon Cowell in knife-throwing act after his rude comment [WATCH]

Simon Cowell learned an important lesson during Monday’s third episode of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions“: Don’t mess with Heidi Klum! After he called her screaming “a bit over-the-top” in Miki Dark‘s magic act, Heidi clapped back, “Can we do another knife-throwing with him up there, please? I want to know what he does when he has a knife pointed at him.” Heidi had reason to scream, of course, when the silent magician from “Holland’s Got Talent” and “France’s Got Talent” thew a knife at her chest without even so much as an explanation about what was about to happen. Watch the “AGT” performance video above.

“I have to tell you, it was amazing,” Heidi said about the frightening performance. “I mean, I can’t stop shaking. Thank you so much for not killing me.”

“I loved everything about it from start to finish,” Alesha Dixon proclaimed. “You created the best atmosphere [but] it wasn’t too scary.”

Simon revealed he “liked” the act but that Heidi’s screaming ruined it for him.

Howie Mandel capped things off by telling Miki, “You blew us away. Thank you.”

After tearing up a picture of Simon’s face, Miki put a piece inside of a red envelope. He then had host Terry Crews drop a basket full of red envelopes in between Heidi and Miki, and when a five-second countdown ended Miki threw the knife at Heidi’s body. “Do I hold still or like run away?” she asked shakily. “Oh my God, what am I supposed to do?!” Of course, the knife perfectly hit the envelope with Simon’s face inside before making contact with the wooden board danging from Heidi’s chest.

Miki is one of only a handful of magic acts cast in “AGT: The Champions” Season 2, with Dania Diaz from the first week and Marc Spelmann from the second week both advancing to the semi-finals. In the end, Miki’s creepy performance failed to impress the superfans and he was one of six acts to be eliminated on Monday night.

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