‘Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars’ chef Barbie Marshall wants to ‘play a drinking game’ while watching reruns on Fox

Barbra “Barbie” Marshall, a memorable “Hell’s Kitchen” chef-testant who appeared in both Seasons 10 and 17, is turning to alcohol to help her cope with the “All Stars” reruns on Fox. “Me wondering if I should play a drinking game and watch,” she tweeted along with a meme of her rubbing her temples. She later added, “Next week I’m drinking and going live.” Will you be joining Barbie in playing “Hell’s Kitchen” drinking games every Tuesday? How about taking a shot every time Gordon Ramsay shouts a curse word?

Even though Fox’s long-running reality TV series has been renewed for Seasons 19 and 20, the network is going back in time by airing reruns from the 2017-18 edition throughout the summer of 2020. This was the cycle that welcomed back 16 fan-favorite chefs for another shot at impressing Chef Ramsay. The ultimate prize? A head chef position at the first-ever Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barbie previously placed 4th in Season 10, but she was such a memorable contestant that she was given a second chance in the “All Stars” version. Spoiler alert: this Strasburg, Pennsylvania resident didn’t end up winning Season 17 either, as she came in ninth place and had her jacket removed by Chef Ramsay in “It’s All Gravy” on December 15, 2017.

“Barbie’s performance at charity night was a disaster,” Ramsay explained after hanging up her jacket. “So, I performed a charity act for her team by sending her home.” Her “All Stars” journey came to an end after failing to bounce back from the prior week’s performance and not showing any leadership skills during dinner service. Barbie was nominated for elimination against Elise Wims-Harris, with Elise being sent home two weeks later.

Following the May 26 rebroadcast of the Season 17 premiere, Barbie tweeted, “Everyone’s different now. I will always be black. That is never changing.” If you want to see who ends up winning the “All Stars” cycle of “Hell’s Kitchen,” be sure to click through our spoiler-filled gallery below.

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