‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winners ranked worst to best (with photos): Can you guess our #1 choice?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay chooses the winner of Fox’s reality TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” each season after cutting down his field of aspiring chefs one by one. Of the 18 chef-testants who’ve claimed the top honor so far since 2005, which ones do we remember fondly and who fizzled out after the finish line? Click through our photo gallery that ranks all of the past “Hell’s Kitchen” winners from worst to best. Can you guess who’s our #1 choice?

The most recent winner was Ariel Contreras-Fox, who succeeded in the first-ever “Rookies vs. Veterans” season. This 35-year-old fan favorite previously finished in third place on Season 6, but prevailed on her second attempt over 28-year-old rookie Mia Castro. According to diehard “Hell’s Kitchen” fans, Ariel deserved to win last year over Mia by a vote of 60%, but it was close.

“Since the first time she was here, Ariel has grown tenfold as a chef,” Chef Ramsay said about Ariel’s victory last February. “She is fiercely talented, extremely determined and a commanding leader. I could not be more pleased to have her as my executive chef of Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas.”

Speaking of Vegas, that’s the setting for the upcoming 19th and 20th seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Rumor has it that both seasons filmed back to back, so we’re probably inching closer and closer to a premiere date. It’s been 11 months since the last episode aired on February 8, 2019, which is much longer than the seven-month gap we experienced for each of the past three seasons.

Sure, Ariel was a worthy winner, but how does she stack up against all of the other champions who came before her? Well, it turns out Ariel now numbers among our top five winners of all time, along with Rahman “Rock” Harper (Season 3), Dave Levey (Season 6), Christina Wilson (Season 10) and Kimberly-Ann “Ryan” Ryan (Season 16). Check out our photo gallery above for the full rankings.

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