Poor Simon Cowell! Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara overrule him 3 times on ‘America’s Got Talent’ [WATCH]

As if it isn’t bad enough that the other “America’s Got Talent” judges are always picking on Simon Cowell‘s shirts and how he unbuttons them so low, now they’re also consistently overruling him to send acts through without his support? Poor Simon. On Tuesday night’s seventh night of auditions Simon was thrice in a row out-voted by Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. With Heidi Klum still away from the dais that meant that the three acts advanced to the next round with the 2/3 majority.

The first of the three to audition was John Sevier Austin, whose talent for singing lyrics in reverse confused the heck out of Simon. John actually was cut off by Simon who thought that there was something wrong with the track, but John had them play the recording of his song in reverse to reveal that he was actually singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Simon was doubly confused when Howie and Sofia began calling it an “amazing” and “interesting” talent with their yes votes. Knowing his vote couldn’t stop the wheels already in motion, Simon still voted no while calling it “total parc” (crap backwards).

After John came Chicken Scratch Sam, a man quite literally dressed up in a chicken costume that was injecting chicken-like sounds into his comments to the judges. His audition also included these sounds, but mostly consisted of chicken term puns like “impeccable” and “I was dating this one chick.” Howie was cackling throughout, despite Simon’s obvious aversion to the talent. The best part is that Sofia admitted she knew Simon would vote no and so she voted yes just to make sure Sam would advance.

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The final stretch of three auditions came from The Ninja Twins, brothers whose not-at-all-unique-for-twins style of speaking over one another and finishing each other’s sentences wasn’t their talent, but probably should have been. Instead they provided a singing and dancing routine that did not impress Simon — in fact, after Howie and Sofia put them through with their votes Simon asked that in the round they specifically don’t sing or dance. Watch their audition above to get the complete picture of their audition and how Simon’s use of the X button couldn’t stop them from passing the round.

Despite getting the X buzz from Simon, John Sevier Austin, Chicken Scratch Sam and The Ninja Twins all advance to the next round, Judge Cuts. That round is expected to begin on July 28.

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