Ian Terry (‘Big Brother 22’) exit interview: ‘It hurt’ to be evicted but I’m ‘ecstatic’ to learn ‘it was part of a good plan’

Ian Terry became the first juror from “Big Brother 22” on Thursday night when he was evicted in a 5-3 vote over Tyler Crispen. The Season 14 winner kept it classy, whispering, “It’s a blunder and it happens,” to HOH Dani Briones on his way out the door. Dani had told Ian he was a pawn earlier in the week, when in fact her alliance, the Committee, consisting of herself, Tyler, Christmas Abbott, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel and Memphis Garrett, had no plans to keep him around.

“I feel like she just [threw] my whole game away, almost accidentally,” Ian told host Julie Chen Moonves following his untimely eviction. “Maybe it was a great play and I just don’t realize it, but it hurt.” When pressed on why he was hurt, Ian clarified. “I don’t have hurt feelings, but in the game it hurts. It’s a lot of new feelings. I’ve never really been nominated before. That was new, evicted’s new. It’s just new feelings, that’s all.”

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“People are a lot smarter than to keep a former winner in the game,” Ian conceded when asked if the house was wrong to send him packing. “They just took the opportunity to boot me out and it was the right play for most of them, honestly.”

Because Ian is now a member of the jury, it was not revealed to him that David Alexander, Kevin Campbell and Da’Vonne Rogers voted for him to stay, but he’s not surprised he got three votes. “I fought hard to stay in all the way to the last minute,” he revealed. “I left nothing on the court. I tried to collect as many votes as I could, I didn’t want to roll over and die.”

Earlier in the week Ian blasted Dani for putting him on the block, stating that he would refuse to vote for her if she makes it to finale night. Outside of the house, Ian sang a different tune when asked if he felt betrayed. “Absolutely not,” he asserted. “It’s a game.”

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When Julie asked if he felt All-Stars was more difficult for him than Season 14, Ian had a humble response. “Last time I was in there, there were only three good players and one of them probably didn’t really care,” he said. “This time everybody in there is pretty good and everybody cares.” Despite being the sixth player evicted this time around, Ian maintained his strategy of laying low was the correct one.

But why did Ian reject Kaysar Ridha‘s offer to work with him earlier in the season? “I had heard Janelle [Pierzina] talking about me and Nicole when she thought I was asleep in the bedroom,” he revealed. “It was in regards to trying to nominate both of us. Because of that I was a little hesitant to work with Janelle, and thus Kaysar. I love Kaysar though.”

When Julie showed Ian the goodbye messages from some of his housemates, Tyler and Nicole both revealed they were in a larger alliance known as the Committee. How did that make Ian feel? “Ecstatic!” he exclaimed. “For a while I just thought I was getting ganged up on by lousy players. To see that it’s just a good plan and they got me, that’s awesome! Good for them. Kudos!”

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